We offer glass splashbacks for kitchens, glass balustrades, partitions, doors, shower screens, mirrors, back-painted wall cladding on supply only basis or completed with survey and installation.


You can upload your own or select one of the 160 million shutterstock images. Landscapes, fruits, vegetables, cocktails, contemporary art, animals, nature and so much more images you can choose from. Our printed splashbacks are not only stylish but they protect your walls from stains and are easy to clean. They bring your kitchen to life. It is an amazing alternative to tiles, granite and paint.


Measured and professionally fitted. Our products are completely manufactured out of toughened glass with polished edges and custom made. You don’t need to change your sockets, lighting switches or anything else you may have on the wall. We cut it to fit perfectly. We also use a technology to colour match and to make sure you receive exactly what you envisioned. We deliver by ourselves if your place is in Greater London or South East. Otherwise, we ship to everywhere in England, Scotland and Wales.

Glass Splashbacks For Kitchens and Bathrooms from MyColourGlass


Vibrant colours, contemporary style and a luxurious feel: this is what MyColourGlass is all about.

Our beautiful back painted coloured glass splashbacks and toughened wall panels will enable you to create a special atmosphere in your home or office, making your space truly unique.

The colour range is quite extensive, exceeding over 20 000 colours with the ability to match any of them at no extra cost. We offer a wide variety of standard sizes or you can choose a custom size.

Coloured back painted glass panels are a stylish, modern and practical way to brighten up your place.

We specialize in architectural and back-painted glass solutions for a wide variety of uses from design and manufacturing to installation, serving clients throughout the United Kingdom.