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Glass Partitions for your Office

toughened glass partition

Glass Partitions for your Office With decreasing space and increased number of companies, it has become difficult to find the right place for your office. In fact most of the times, people are seen making compromises over aesthetics and practicality. For best alternatives: entrepreneurs make comparisonslike cost versus style, contemporary versus traditional, open versus individual […]

Glass Shelves – Spacious Look to your Bathroom

glass shelves

Glass Shelves – Givee a Spacious Look to your Bathroom  Kitchen and bathroom are the two most important areas of your house, which need to be designed carefully. When designing your bathroom area, the most important factor that fetches attention is space. However, to give your bathroom a spacious look, the glass shelves work extraordinarily. […]

Mirrors in your House

mirror splashback

Mirrors in your House Mirror in a house may not sound very elementary from the designer’s point of view, but it plays a great role to enhance the entire look of your house. When you hang a mirror in the room, you will be adding a basic necessity or an accessory. No matter it’s a […]

Glass Worktops – An Ideal Choice for your Kitchen

glass worktop clear

Glass Worktops – An Ideal Choice for your Kitchen When it comes to the kitchen, cabinetry is the chief style decision you make. Though these cabinets are elementary, worktops should not be underestimated in any case. Together with the flooring, worktops sit on a horizontal plane, making it a chief area. Thus, it is important […]