Bespoke Glass Splashbacks for Your Kitchen


Bespoke Glass Splashbacks for Your Kitchen

Time in our generation has come when glass installation is so prevalent in both commercial and residential places surpassing all other cladding materials. Glass become more popular especially after the introduction of safety glass technology. This idea made the full perception change significantly, and people shifted life from concrete, wooden and other cladding categories. This does not mean that the materials don’t have any existence, but if they were compared, glass installations fare much better.


Home decor and interior design are popularly increasing bringing an integral part in every home. One of the most challenging places in our homes is the kitchen. It explores many options like smooth ventilation, appropriate lighting, modular kitchen equipment and decorative countertops.


In this article, the author will try focus on glass made splashbacks. Glass splashbacks are one among many additions to your kitchen decor which has been in an increasingly rising demand lately. These bespoke splashbacks not only offer a more attractive and better view of your kitchen, but they are very advantageous in keeping your home clean and hygienic. Here are some of the advantages of having external glass splashbacks for use in your kitchen.


Low and Easy Maintenance


Glass is fragile and needs to be handled with great care. However, splashbacks made from glass are different since they are toughened and can resist accidental hitting and big deal of temperatures. Glass is easy to clean compared to other materials. It takes less effort to clean them bring them back to their original luster.




We may look the glass from a different point of views. From an aesthetic point of view, these bespoke glass splashbacks offer large advantages regarding etched designs, vivid colors, pattern designs and various shades of lighting. The glass provides a clean and neat look on your kitchen worktops.




The kitchen area must remain clean! Splashbacks made from glass are more hygienic than the traditional walls and tiles which are termed to be traditionally outdated. With high-quality glass splashbacks, you are sure of protection against the formation of bacteria, mould, and algae looking structures on the wall. In case such menace form on your glass corners, it is easy to clean them out with less effort. This has made glass standout against common kitchen walls.