Bespoke Glass for your home


Whether it’s an awkward space with odd measurements or a special look is desired for any room in the home, bespoke glass is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to any room. Glass can be used for all sorts of applications, including worktops, splashbacks, shelving, tablet ops and more. More practical in some aspects than other materials like wood, laminate or tile, glass is easy to maintain and install.

 Any time glass is being used to decorate, it should be of appropriate thickness and toughened. Too-thin glass can be fragile and break upon mounting or during use. Toughened glass meets all safety standards required by the UK and the EU, including heat resistance. This heat resistance is particularly important when using glass in the kitchen, where baking and cooking can become very hot.

 Shower cubicles are one main application of bespoke glass. With many different bathroom configurations, the bathroom may have strange measurements where only custom cut glass works. Glass is easier to clean and less fussy than a shower curtain, which can move about, grow mold or rip. The glass can also be treated to be more opaque with a sandblasted finish. This is also an ideal place to use a protective coating, assisting in the repelling of grime and soap residue. It can help reduce the amount of time spent cleaning your shower.

 A glass worktop is handy in both the bathroom and kitchen. With the heat resistant properties of the glass, a quick put-down of curling tongs or a hot pot will not damage the surface. However, it’s important to make sure that you still remove the heat source from the glass as soon as possible to ensure there is no trace of damage. These glass worktops can be custom cut to allow for any fixtures that already exist, like a sink. This minimises the need to rip out the whole worktop just to place in a new one.

 Bespoke glass in the kitchen can extend beyond the worktop and to the walls as well! Glass splashbacks and upstands are both popular ways to add a different look to the room. Coloured, digitally printed or clear, glass is an ideal material for any surface due to its non-porous properties. It’s easy to take care of, meaning less time is spent cleaning and more time is spent enjoying the room. These pieces are traditionally single pieces of glass, but can stretch over multiple pieces to make allowances for sizes or other fixtures, like cabinets.

 For any free standing shelf in the home, a glass shelf may be the ideal option. These shelves can be custom cut to fit in any space. Glass is an elegant storage solution, and is a great option for displaying collectibles and knick-knacks. The glass can help let more light in, showing off any collection.

 Almost anywhere glass is used in the home, it can be customised as well. Coloured or digitally printed on, the glass can be a practical and decorative solution. It takes the bespoke glass one step further, creating a one of a kind look that perfectly suits the space. Choose a colour that supplements the existing scheme, or one for a vibrant contrast. No matter the route picked, however, colour can add a special something to an already special bespoke glass piece in the home.