Best Colourful Shower Ideas for your Shower Walls

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One of the funniest ways to create inspiration in your bathroom is while adding the unexpected pops of colour in your shower which captivate the entire style and personality of the place. Just do not think more about what others are doing with their shower design, create your own monopoly on personality and make the place shine like anything.

Here in this blog, I am going to discuss the best ideas that add inspiration to the place via colour into your shower design. You’ll actually not just show your own style but will also enjoy the vibrant shower which is exactly all about you.

However, let us get to the ideas you are waiting to read impatiently.


Colourful Shower Idea 1: Choose the high gloss shower wall panels

Glossy shower walls are one of the innovative ideas to have the best shower design ever. These panels make you live life out of the livelihood. You can have a huge variety in this glass wall panels like red rouge, blue atoll colour or the titan shade making an impact on the entire design. Another cool advantage of the glossy shower panels is this, that you need to look back again once you have the grout scrub brush with you, sustaining the life of these shower walls.


Colourful Shower Idea 2: Colourful Glass Shower Panels

Have you ever thought how can you make these boring and dull looking glass enclosures an interesting thing? Well, fill them with colours, the simplest way of all. Though simple glass panels are cheaper unfortunately these do not add to the appearance of the place. While replacing such monotonous glass enclosures if you choose the light blue coloured or some bright ones, you are sure to get a soothing feel inside the spa shower. No matter you wish to walk in shower or have a completely enclosed unit with a pivoting door or the sliding facility, your shower will look unique with these coloured glass panels.


Coloured Glass Shower Windows for Reflective and Peaceful Place

I believe there is no other place in the entire home except bathroom where your mind is completely at peace. Then why not give this area a completely distinctive ambiance. A coloured glass shower window lets you reflect on the peace and the beauty of life when you experience the soft colors via a stained glass window.

And in case you are a lover of warmth and reflective nature of the coloured glass- adding colour to your shower windows is the best alternative you can ever have.


Use Lighting from the Showerhead for Inspiration

I had never imagined that a shower head could do more than shooting out water. But today, shower heads can play music while passing the excellent LED lighting. Sound quite inventive? Well, it actually is! This can be one of the romantic ways for relaxing mood and soothing your mind. On the other hand, if you do not want lights in the shower head, overhead fixtures can easily set pushing the mood into the bathroom via glass shower walls.


Color Flowing from shower to the Bathroom Floor

How is the idea of letting out the color spill between the spaces?  Well, you need to be ready for tiling shower base or one level shower system. This can create the tile floor which is exactly waterproof and let the colour flow from your shower to the bathroom floor in the consecutive display.


Use the coloured Glass Block Building Blocks

Remember how much you used to love building blocks in your childhood? Then why keep it limited to your childhood stuff only?  Nowadays glass blocks come in vibrant colours which add to the style and personality of your entire bathroom. You can easily create the graceful curved glass block shower walls while mixing up the sizes for a random look.

Finally, with these above-mentioned ideas, you can dream of a shower that embraces the uniqueness of the coloured shower splashbacks. So what are you waiting for? Give a single call to the professionals like My Colour Glass in Uk and have the best designing of your bathroom shower.