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Great Ways To Use Glass Splashbacks To Add Color To Your Space

Glass Splashbacks For Bathrooms & kitchens

Glass splashbacks are stunning alternatives to tiles. It’s no wonder why most people opt for it when moving into a new house, or when redecorating. Glass splashbacks can be used anywhere in the home to transform the look, but you need to be creative. The most popular place it is being used in is the […]

Five Ideas Using Glass Splashbacks to Make Your Home Look Great

Glass Worktops

You will really enjoy these 5 ideas, using glass splashbacks, we have gathered to help make your home look great. There are so many wonderful ways to use glass in the home improvement field, so it is definitely difficult to narrow down to just a few. Surely we all know the quick advantage of adding […]

Glass Splashbacks & Worktops for Kitchens

mirrors silver tinted

Glass splashbacks and worktops for kitchens are in the tops when it comes to the overall design. Toughened and architectural glass is definitely not limited in aesthetic and practical uses for both the home and commercial setting. The luxury feel of the glass in your kitchen decor and design promotes the ultimate in contemporary appearances. […]

Splashbacks for Kitchen – Choice Tips and Ideas

coloured glass

Don’t day dream about the wonderful island bench, but yes do not forget that you can add the biggest wow factor reaction to your space – the kitchen splashbacks. Getting the perfect splashback can be the most important thing for small kitchens, as some particular materials may make the kitchen look bigger. So how do […]

Decorating with Printed Glass Splashbacks

printed splashback

Looking for a new design trick for the home or business? With new technologies, high-resolution digital printing is the next thing in print with glass. Previously, pictures and text had to be applied on to glass as an appliqué, but any high-resolution photo can be printed on a glass panel. The digital printing allows for […]