Why Choose a Frameless Glass Shower Screen

shower screen hinged

Since bathroom is one of the chief areas in the entire house, this space need to be paid maximum attention. Whether you are renovating an already existing bathroom or design it all new, a frameless glass shower screen can make a great difference. Here are the further reasons that associate the decision of choosing a frameless glass shower screen for your bathroom.


Reason 1: It looks Classy

Glass shower doors are a unique piece in s stylish and modern bathroom. With this material it actually becomes easy to add a different touch of elegance to it. Now the question is how it does it? Well, it’s the sleek and chic look of the glasses that help give it a vow effect.

Mainly when you have a wonderful mosaic or tilling, there is no need to hide it behind the shower curtain. The glass of a frameless screen is thicker than a framed one which offers it a premium and modern look.


Reason 2: It’s a Best Way to bring it to the Light

There is no doubt in stating that luminosity adds to the transparency. You will actually be amazed by how frameless shower doors can actually reflect the light and make the entire bathroom area look more spacious and bright. In fact glass screens let more light into the enclosure which is literally useful if you do not have a light installed over the shower.


Reason 3: Glass Screen make the Space look Bigger

While shower curtains conceal our showers, glass screens do not do so. Frameless shower doors emphasize the space in your bathroom as these do no create any barrier. So you can showcase the shower space with wonderful shimmering walls which are transparent.


Reason 4: It is Customizable

You have definitely got your own style and taste. The best thing about shower screens is this that you can have these custom made for your bathroom area. This is specifically useful in bathrooms with renovated showers. A frameless glass enclosure mixes well with any style no matter it is classic, modern, sleek, and elegant or offers any kind of look.


Reason 5: Long Durability

The glass used for shower screens go through tempering which make it ultra resistant. It is resilient and has got a long life which means it cannot be damaged easily, even when you hit the panel against your vanity or toilet by accident.


Reason 6: Easy Maintenance

Clear shower screens give a touch of cleanliness. These surfaces are extra ordinarily easy to clean and maintain as you have an easy approach to the entire panel. You need to clean this like any glass panel and watch it shine. Frameless glass shower screens make the space look even polished make all other elements of it stand out. And undoubtedly your bathroom is the sanctuary of relaxation so make it appealing while complementing it with a wonderful and exclusive enclosure.