Why Choose Glass Board over White Standard Board

00NN53000 glass office writing boards

Choosing a glass board should not be a very daunting task. All that you need to know is what size you actually want. Well, that’s how things used to be. Now you may be asked what kind of whiteboards you need. And that’s the reason glass whiteboards are becoming an increasingly popular thing and it is definitely no wonder.


However here’s a guide why it is suggested to choose a glass board over the white standard board.


Style and Design


To start with the very first thing that comes to mind about the whiteboards is its design and style. They actually fit into a classroom, but in today’s technological age, these look a bit outdated. And if it is bulky and has got the mundane look, it means there is no scope for bringing it into the modern classroom. A whiteboard will actually ruin everything if you use this sort of whiteboards in the place. And this is where glass whiteboards make their space. This distinctive design fits within the modern office ambience perfectly.

A very common problem with the standard whiteboard is the staining left over after its use. Usually, you can see the marks of anything wiped off earlier and until you use a cleaning spray it is really difficult to get back to the real whiteboard you actually started with. On the other hand glass whiteboards have been designed to repel all this and there are hardly any chances for them to get discoloured this way.

There are a lot many other things taken into consideration while creating a glass whiteboard. For instance: There is no need to worry about damaging it by learning it to write. These boards are built with a steel black plate which offers support to the toughened glass. Having such a frame also make a shadow line around the board which gives it a nicer look, perfectly suited to a modern workplace.

Now you might wonder how you can call a glass which can be completely seen through, a whiteboard. Well, glass to be used as a whiteboard is painted white at the back, even when it does not have to be white. Organizations looking for a bespoke design could pick different colours depending on their choice, branding strategy or the colour scheme.

For spaces like hospitals, whiteboards with a table template can be used as a timetable or a grid of the doctors and patients and it is no problem using glass whiteboard. Permanent marker can be easily used on the glass, and if some alteration is required, it can be easily cleaned. And if we particularly talk about hospitals there are many companies which prefer designing antibacterial boards which help eliminate the 99.9% of bacteria from the surface. These also safeguard the spread of fungi which mean glass whiteboards could be a big advantage to the medical industry.

As a whole, in the world where things are regularly upgraded, it looks like whiteboards could just stay the same. Of course, these have been replaced by smart boards in schools but in general, it is really hard to go a step on the normal, non-technological whiteboard. It is a very simple thing that you write and draw on, so how could you make things look better, stylish and suitable for the modern business. Well, the glass whiteboard actually does that, it is the perfection added to any office. So just go ahead with your choice of glass whiteboard which is both practical as well as aesthetic at the same time.