Choose the Perfect Printed Kitchen Splashback

printed glass splashback

Are you striving to have a feature printed kitchen splashback for your kitchen? If yes! You have certainly landed the right place for that. We know that you must be having many questions as to which kitchen hob splashback will be the best for your place. And since we are concerned you may get one that looks quite great when installed. Choosing the perfect image or the material for your kitchen is a difficult decision and you need to be sure about your choice right at the first time. However to make this decision process easier here are some points to consider which will help you have the perfect design in place.


Make out if you are staying in the place for long or will sell it sooner

If you are building a house and selling it straight away you may decide to choose the safer image with the colour tones that mix well with the kitchen. This is indeed the best feature but definitely does not suppress the kitchen and offer more of a backdrop.

On the other hand if you are planning to stay in the same home for quite long, choose the bold, bright and colourful image. Such images work exclusively well. These can have contemporary lines and a lot of white walls or the cabinets. Not having too many materials and colours at the place reduce the chances of distraction from the chief feature splashback.


Ponder over the Style of your Kitchen

With more modern style of kitchens you may wish to think about choosing a timeless image which is black and white with sepia or red tones. For a perfect contemporary kitchen you may wish to choose an image which is even more abstract. You can also have a thematic kitchen space to have the best experience ever.


What Type of Kitchen Space you wish to Portray

Kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of the home where you need to spend most of the time of your day. And ever since you have made socialization an important part, you certainly include it while cooking as well. So make out what kind of atmosphere you want in the place and how it can look sophisticated.


How much Light does your Kitchen Space get

In case your kitchen does not get enough natural light or you see deep over headed cabinets in the place, then it is recommended to choose the light shades with bright colours. Remember to not choose a photo clip as a hob splash back, as it will be too dark in the kitchen and will darken the entire kitchen space as well.


Think about the rest of Kitchen material and the colours

If you have a completely white kitchen, any image as a kitchen hob spalashback will look good. And if you have a completely timber kitchen material in the space, you may wish to choose the nature theme complimenting the timber. On the other hand, if you have black benchtop, this can look good when the benchtop merge into the black base of the image. A white becnhtop actually look perfect when merged into the sand textures.

See where is the Hob?

Last and the most important! You need to check out where exactly the hob is. See if it centered in the splashback area or the off-centre. In case you are choosing an image then this often looks best when centred over the hob.

With this, you can give your kitchen space the best appearance ever. Just consider the points and make your choice count.