Choosing a Glass Splashback – What You Need to Know

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Together with all the choice that needs to be done while remodeling the kitchen choice of glass splashbacks may seem to be easier, however, it is not so. Actually, this is something that’s going to consume a lot of time. If you choose a wrong one it could completely make your place look odd and unattractive. And in turn, this may give a totally negative effect to your place. So, with this, it is important for you to understand some important factors while selecting the splashbacks for your kitchen space. It is not just the aesthetic value of the kitchen that needs to be taken care of but functionality also play a great role in this decision.


First of all, let’s deem over why it is referred to choose the splashbacks over anything else!


Why Choose Glass Splashbacks only?

The chief benefit of choosing the splashback is this that it protects the complete wall behind the sink, stove or the area where you are installing it. It mainly intends to take in the splashes of water, oil, grease, food, and anything that comes their way. However, there are a lot of advantages of installing glass splashbacks like”

  • They look attractive and make your kitchen space look modern and classic.
  • Glass splashbacks greatly check the growth of any fungus or the bacteria in the space.
  • These are a lot more easy to clean and keep your kitchen space look elegant all the time

Now that there are a lot of advantages of installing these splashbacks it is important to know the factors to be considered while installing them in the place.

Chief Factors to Consider

Since there is such a wide range to choose from, this article has a list of a few factors to be considered and make the final decision and then choose them for the kitchen area.


Factor 1: Colour –

When choosing splashbacks, you’ll see a lot of variety of colours, but here it is important to know that there is nothing like you need to choose the coloured ones only. You can opt for clear glass spalshbacks as well because these look amazing and make your kitchen area look a lot more pleasant. Rest you can make this choice depending on the design and remaining colour scheme of the place.


Factor 2: Height –

The height of a splashback has both aesthetic as well as functional outcomes which means you need to think about the space, how it is used and what is that actually lie straight above the area in which it needs to be installed. For instance: if you are planning to install it beneath the kitchen cabinet, there will be a clear limit to its height. On the other hand, if the area has no cabinetry or the above-mentioned features, you cannot be sure of the ideal height to be chosen for your splashbacks.


Factor 3: Countertops –

No matter which colour or material you have in your mind, just do not overlook the countertops because you need to make sure that colours and materials work together and do not contradict. Neutral splashbacks with colourful countertops and so on are a wonderful choice as these works for an instant visual impression. However, the complete design makes an impact that you are trying to achieve will tell if you this should be the option to consider or not.


Factor 4: Material –

Many times you will see a lot of material rather than colours to make choice from which involve tiles, stainless steel, stones and a lot more. However, at My Colour Glass, we simply suggest just one material that is glass as it delivers the highest range of advantages like ease of cleaning, aesthetic benefits, a great range of colour, seamless design and a lot more.

Finally, these four are the chief factors that you need to consider when choosing glass splashbacks for your kitchen space. These not only look better but at the same time, they offer a great degree of comfort in functionality.