Coloured glass upstands

Coloured Glass Upstands – MyColourGlass offers glass upstands to compliment your glass splashback.

Give your kitchen some visual punch with a coloured glass upstand. We use 6mm toughened glass, ensuring that they are thin to the wall but just as durable as our other glass products. With glass being an easy-to-clean product, it’s the ideal material for areas that need constant cleaning up.

A coloured glass upstand is a great alternative to other decoration options in the same area in the kitchen, like stone or tile. Ageless and low-maintenance, glass is the perfect complement to your home. Choosing a bespoke colour means you’re getting a one-of-a-kind look that suits your kitchen.

We cut the glass to the height you need, and make any allowances for corners or cutouts necessary. Next, we polish the edges for safety and then apply paint in the colour you choose. With thousands of colours to choose from, including RAL or any other colour chart, we can match colours and replicate your dream design, turning it into reality. We also offer colour matching services, should you already have something in mind.

Whether you’re doing home renovations on your own, using a contractor, or booking our services to assist, the installation is virtually hassle-free. All that’s needed is adhesive and a steady hand to apply it. In your kitchen, a Coloured Glass Upstands is a wonderful addition to the decor, adding contrast or complementing an existing look seamlessly.

Choosing MyColourGlass for your next kitchen project means that you’re choosing to top quality materials and services. We use only the best products in our projects, and pride ourselves on our attention to detail and craftsmanship. Compliant with all safety standards, you can be assured that the addition of glass to your decor will not cause any problems. We guarantee your complete satisfaction once the project is finished.

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