Coloured Kitchen Glass Worktops

MyColourGlass offer glass worktops for your kitchen or bathroom. 

Coloured Kitchen Glass Worktops adds some visual interest to your home. For your kitchen or bathroom, glass is a great choice for your worktop. By choosing us to produce your worktop, we can manufacture the perfect pairing to an existing splashback or wall, or we can produce both the worktop and splashback for you, creating cohesive colour palette in your room. Glass doesn’t look out of place anywhere in your kitchen or bathroom, giving you a modern look without showing the age that stone worktops can. All edges are polished.

With a variety of thicknesses available (10, 12, 15 and 19mm), you can pick the durability level appropriate for the amount of use. Our glass is toughened as well, and will stand up to years of use. Glass has other advantages, such as being easy to clean, stain-resistant, moisture-resistant and heat-resistant. Being able to hold up to temperatures of up to 400 degrees Celsius means that you can put hot dishes, heated hair styling tools, and more on the surface without having to worry about damage.

If you have existing or new hobs, sinks, and pipes, we can cut the glass worktop to any size and shape, and cut allowances for any of the above. After the cut, we polish the edges and paint it in a colour of your choosing. Choose from thousands of colours to find the perfect shade that complements your room. Alternatively, you can send us a swatch of something you would like matched. Once coloured, the glass is completely opaque, so if you are fitting it on top of an existing pattern, you won’t be able to see through it.

Once complete, your coloured glass worktop can be fitted and installed. Our glass worktops are easy to install in your home, whether you are doing it on your own, with a contractor, or using our services. Only requiring adhesive and a steady hand, the coloured glass worktop can be installed to instantly brighten up a room.

When you choose MyColourGlass for your next renovation project, you can be assured that you’re receiving the best. We use only the highest quality of products in our installations, and pride ourselves on our workmanship and attention to detail. All of our glass is also compliant with safety regulations. We promise that you will be completely satisfied once your project is complete.

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