Design a Luxurious Outdoor Bathroom with Glass Panels

Be it outdoor or the indoor bathrooms, this is one such space in the entire house where you invest the most. From feeling the cold breeze in summer nights to hearing the 3 waves of the ocean crash, outdoor bathrooms have always provided a great perk in the look of the property. So for those lucky owners of one on their property, here is this guide to help you design it in the right way.

No matter you have tiled pool showers or a soaking tub; you can give your entire outdoor bathroom space a luxurious look.


Designing an Outdoor Bathroom

There are a lot of logistics to take into consideration when you plan to design a bathroom.

My Colour Glass suggests that it is better to build an outdoor shower in the area where you receive direct sunlight. This actually gives the space a peaceful and spacious experience as there is no need of artificial shower light during daytime. In addition to this, it helps in making space dry instantly after use. Backyards, courtyards and the gardens make really great foundations for showering spaces and outdoor bathing.


Indoor and Outdoor Bathrooms

Rather than designing a bathroom constrained to outdoor use, homeowners sometimes look forward to balancing the indoor bathrooms with the outdoor elements. To get more of indoor and outdoor feel with an indoor bathroom, you need to think how doors, windows, and other related barriers can act as a transition between inside and outside the bathroom. To give it a lavish look, a bathroom can be attached with the balcony as it multiplies the appealing factor. Though shower itself is indoors, the smarter way to give it an outdoor look can be if you get it built around the balcony. You can see the clear sky and can also experience the sunlight at that spot.

The parallel approach can be designed with floor to ceiling glass doors. Variety of glass panels work really well to give it a final appearance. To elaborate: Teak glass doors in the master bathroom can lead to an outdoor shower while enclosing the privacy. Such glass doors actually make space look bigger and let you experience a lot more outside scenery in the area. Likewise, regular floor design leading to the outdoor contributes in giving it an expensive look. You can see many professional bathrooms having an indoor and outdoor shower differentiated by the glass panels. And a wooden floor remains same which gives an illusion of continuity between these two.

Another best method to maintain the look of an outdoor shower is by keeping the creature near the bathroom.


Completely Outdoor Showers

No outdoor bathroom can be considered complete until it has an outdoor shower. And if we talk about the most classic outdoor showers design it includes a showerhead to the wall of the home. This design works exclusively well for partnering with the hot tub or the pool. And the best part is: this can be easily customized depending on the requirements of the homeowner.

One of the most classic outdoor shower designs entails adding a showerhead to the outdoor wall of a home. This design is great for accompanying a pool or hot tub, and it’s easy to customize depending on the needs of the homeowner. Michelle Manetti, the senior web editor at Good Housekeeping & House Beautiful, shows how a mosaic tile backsplash can be paired with terracotta tiles for a Mediterranean-inspired feel.

Similarly, a wooden shower can be crafted on an existing deck to design a seamless addition. Apart from this if you look for an even modest approach to the outdoor shower, just think of the ways that can help you bring the outdoors in using the walls and the windows.


Give it a Luxurious Touch

Once you have chosen the style and design of the outdoor bathroom, it is time to add the luxury touch to your place. The fresh and the wide space can be balanced with the lantern lights which give both classic and the modern touch to your area. In addition to this, you can make use of lights in a strategic way so as to create a luxurious atmosphere around. The lights can be simply arranged at varied heights or the distances from the outdoor bathtub or above the shower panel which make the perfect glow for an evening soak.