Easy ways on how to create your own Vanity Room

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Everyone loves to look fabulous and charming when stepping out for a hangout with friends, a wedding or for preparation of everyday startup. However, it can be annoying and time-consuming to use the bathroom counter, but with your vanity room, you get to have easy access to all your accessories.

We have a few ideas you may want to look at, and you’d realize it’s not even difficult to set up your vanity room.

Find a space

This should be the first thing to do, as you can’t have a vanity room in the air. Regardless of how small your apartment is, create out a little space.  The space beside your bathroom or even a little spare area inside the bathroom would do, but you need to have a large-sized bathroom for this in particular. But if you already have a separate place that is not in use then awesome.

Arrange the furniture

You would need a stool and a small convenient table to kick off. For you to place your makeup and accessories and sit properly, the furniture needs to be arranged properly. You can then place your small table beneath the vanity mirror for it to hold everything.

Install a wall mirror

As you already know, a vanity room is incomplete and worthless without a mirror. So, you must install the best mirror you can afford and place it in your vanity space. This is the time to showcase your designing skills and your taste. There are tons of different designs of mirrors out there, that would fit perfectly for a vanity room, let’s look at a few.

  • Full-length gym mirror- To most people, the mirror in a vanity room should go beyond more than just giving a half-length view. We might as well as want to see our full costume look, so if you are on this train, you should opt for a full-length mirror.
  • Decorative mirror- It’s okay to want to have a mirror with all the stylish edges and corners, that’s very amazing. So, you get to enjoy yourself while getting embellished.
  • Mirror with LED lights- A little bit of extra light to brighten up the vanity area is a great choice if you have money to afford the luxury. It gives the vanity room a whole new classy look.

Arrange your accessories

After all, the main purpose of the vanity room is to make it easy for you to pick up items, or do your makeup while getting ready to go out without wasting time. But if your things are scattered all over the table, it automatically defeats the purpose of why you created a vanity room. So, organize all your makeup accessories in their specific spots to make it easy for you.

Besides, you can make your vanity room more stylish and charming by adding glass shelves and cabinets, to accommodate more accessories without taking up too much space.