Fabulous Ideas of Wall Covering to Give your Kitchen the Best Finishing

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When it comes to your kitchen area, the real satisfaction is important. And to accomplish that, you have to think about decorating your walls properly. With a variety of coverings, claddings and the kitchen finishes to choose from, it can be really a daunting task to select a single idea for your space. However, this blog talks about several best ideas to showcase your kitchen today. Here you need to be careful about practical aspects also rather than just focusing on the decorative side of the material. Apart from decoration and practical side of the chosen material, durability and cost factor are also important to keep in concentration. So, pay a look at the top choices for your kitchen space and make the best decision for decorating your walls while remaining in your budget.


Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are and will always be very popular among the variety of kitchen wall cladding materials. It is mainly because these are easy to take care of and are really simple to clean. In addition to this when we talk about ceramic tiles, there is an endless variety of this material. You can have plenty of designs, colors, and styles to choose from. Hence there will definitely be something that exactly suits your kitchen space.


Plastic and Acrylic Paints

If you wish to add color to your kitchen space, plastic and acrylic paints can be brought to use. These colors give an outstanding look to your kitchen walls and fetch attention. In fact, the choice of colors contributes to affecting the moods when you enter the space. These specific color varieties are waterproof, durable, easy to clean and dry quickly which makes this material a perfect fit for the kitchen walls. In these paints, you can also find the variety having anti-mold additives which are undoubtedly excellent.


Natural Stone

There is no end to the variety of natural stones to be used on the kitchen walls. Today majority of designers suggest wall coverings of natural stones as it makes the entire kitchen space look modern. The best thing about these wall coverings is, these give an expensive look while costing really low to maintain and install. If you are from UK you will probably find a good number of professional kitchens decorated with the natural stone wall coverings.


Wood shield

Wood in the kitchen gives a sophisticated look. It gives a cozy, stylish and somewhat rustic vibe. However, this can also be excessively sensitive to moisture. But if you take care of such wall cladding specifically, this is a good to go material. Constant treating and oiling will be important and hardwood will be the better option than ordinary softwoods.


Vinyl Decals

If you are concerned about having a cost-effective wall layering for your kitchen space, vinyl Decals is the one. This material allows you to add a different look to your kitchen. This material is, in fact, removable and can be changed whenever you see it getting obsolete. These are very easy to apply, do not ask for specific care and not even cost you much. This is what makes it a brilliant budget decorating option.



Glass wall cladding is of the modern notion and helps a great degree to safeguard your walls from cooking splashes while giving your space a stylish and pretty look. You can choose patterned or the colored panels that completely change the feel of your kitchen area which makes it stain resistant.


Decorated Wallpapers

Wallpapers had never been a good choice for kitchen wall coverings, but the things have changed a lot now. Today we have a wide range of wallpapers that are moisture resistant and give the space an appealing look. You can have all the variety of colors, designs, and the patterns to make your kitchen space look upgraded.

So, if you are planning to get your kitchen refurbished or design it all new My Colour Glass in Uk has got the wide range of kitchen wall coverings for you. We simply promise our clients to speak out their choice and we do everything possible to make it available to them.