Farrow & Ball Colour Guide

Farrow & Ball colour guide is listed below. We can also manufacture back painted glass in any colour from any major paint manufacturer. Please click on the relevant link below to see their colour ranges.

Colours appear very differently from computer to computer, both on the screen and when printed with different printers. Colour charts when viewed on the Internet, can only give an approximate indication of the actual colour of the glass. We have printed swatches available to order from the website and also standard colour glass samples that will give a very close match to the real colour.

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Farrow & Ball Colour Chart

FB Nancys Blushes   FB Wevet
FB Purbeck Stone   FB All White
FB New White   FB House White
FB Cord   FB Cream
FB Smoked Trout   FB Strong White
FB Ammonite   FB Stiffkey Blue
FB Great White   FB White Tie
FB Lime White   FB Off White
FB Oxford Stone   FB London Stone
FB Manor House Gray   FB Shaded White
FB Pigeon   FB Stony Ground
FB Elephants Breath   FB Dove Tale
FB Pink Ground   FB Setting Plaster
FB Blazer   FB Incarnadine
FB Ringwold Ground   FB Farrows Cream
FB Dayroom Yellow   FB Citron
FB Ciara Yellow   FB Straw
FB Olive   FB Churlish Green
FB Lichen   FB Chappell Green
FB Green Blue   FB Light Blue
FB Parma Gray   FB Lulworth Blue
FB Pitch Blue   FB Drawing Room Blue
FB Plummett   FB Down Pipe
FB Black Blue   FB Off-Black
FB Yellowcake   FB Dimpse
FB Wimborne White   FB Pointing
FB Matchstick   FB String
FB Cats Paw   FB Dimity
FB Blackened   FB Cornforth White
FB Mizzle   FB Hardwich White
FB Old White   FB Light Gray
FB Brinjal   FB Middleton Pink
FB Red Earth   FB Porphyry Pink
FB Eating Room Red   FB Charlottes Locks
FB Bone   FB Fawn
FB Charleston Gray   FB London Clay
FB Dead Salmon   FB Fowler Pink
FB Rectory Red   FB Radicchio
FB Dorset Cream   FB Sudbury Yellow
FB Yellow Ground   FB Babouche
FB India Yellow   FB Tunsgate Green
FB Saxon Green   FB Folly Green
FB Castle Gray   FB Card Room Gray
FB Oval Room Blue   FB Cabbage White
FB Cooks Blue   FB Blue Ground
FB Hague Blue   FB Calluna
FB Railings   FB Mahogany
FB Pitch Black   Dulux Grey Steel 3
FB Moles Breath   FB St Giles Blue
FB James White   FB Clunch
FB Savage Ground   FB Slipper Satin
FB Joas White   FB Archive
FB Pavilion Gray   FB Lamp Room Gray
FB French Gray   FB Blue Gray
FB Mouses Back   FB Skimming Stone
FB Calamine   FB Cinder Rose
FB Book Room Red   FB Terre DEgypte
FB Picture Gallery Red   FB Tallow
FB Print Room Yellow   FB Lancaster Yellow
FB Hound Lemon   FB Hay
FB Ball Green   FB Stone White
FB Green Smoke   FB Vert De Terre
FB Pale Powder   FB Teresas Green
FB Orangery   FB Pale Hound
FB Green Ground   FB Cooking Apple Green
FB Breakfast Room   FB Calke Green
FB Arsenic   FB Pavilion Blue
FB Borrowed Light   FB Skylight
FB Dix Blue   FB Stone Blue
FB Brassica   FB Pelt
FB Tanners Brown   FB Studio Green