Five Ideas Using Glass Splashbacks to Make Your Home Look Great

glass bathroom

You will really enjoy these 5 ideas, using glass splashbacks, we have gathered to help make your home look great. There are so many wonderful ways to use glass in the home improvement field, so it is definitely difficult to narrow down to just a few.

Surely we all know the quick advantage of adding a new splashback to your bath or kitchen for a wonderful and fairly economical upgrade. Shop around and check out the different styles available to you in the contemporary market. You can even get your glass splashbacks digitally printed on, if you so desire, with a high-resolution photo of your choice. Ask us about it.

What are The 5 Ideas Using Glass Splashbacks to Make Your Home Look Great?

So what are the 5 ideas selected to do an upgrade on your home or business? We’ve already mentioned the beautiful glass splashbacks as an excellent “plus” for any decor for the kitchen and bath. Let’s look at the other selected ideas using glass as a durable and beautiful material making your home and office look great.

  • Glass Counter & Work Tops- Glass worktops and counter look fabulous throughout the entire home. They also look very classy in the work and office environment. Clear or lightly tinted glass gives a light airy feel with an illusion of spaciousness. Extend your kitchen island with a glass extension to provide extra seating or workspace. You will love it.
  • Glass Walls & Glass Cladding- We specifically chose our dining room as the area we wanted to open up and bring the outdoors in with lightly tinted toughened glass from floor to ceiling. Glass walls look fabulous and allow a nice view of the newly redone terrace area and gardens. We also replaced our former dining table top with a lightly tinted glass top to add a spectacular contemporary feel to our dining room.
  • Glass Railings on Terrace-  As we were redoing our dining room with wall to floor glass windows, we decided to keep the unobstructed view going by creating a deck and terrace area with “See-Thru” glass railing sand barriers for entertaining outside our dining room. This is really special at night as we are located on top of a hill and can see the city lights at night.
  • “See-Thru” Glass Flooring- For a really great look, try transparent glass flooring for the ultimate in looks. You can pair this up with special lighting effects if you so desire. Special “Walk On glass” also doubles as a skylight for rooms below, such as the basement or wine cellar. The looks you can achieve are absolutely amazing.  
  • Glass Shower Walls & Seamless Shower Doors- For a really nice effect, if room permits, build a patio off of your bathing area. The area can be accessed through the showering area with glass walls in the colour of your choice. A clear glass seamless shower door can open to the private patio area giving you the luxury of a spa atmosphere. A glass showering area would also be nice by the pool, or as an extension from the pool house.

Take Advantage of These Five Ideas Using Glass Splashbacks, Worktops, Shower Doors & Glass Flooring to Make Your Home Look Great

So many options and choices when it comes to the beautiful advantages of architectural glass in your total decor. Carry beautiful glass splashbacks throughout your home for the best in contemporary decor as you take advantage of these five ideas using glass to make your home look great.