Frameless Shower Doors

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Frameless Shower Doors – Common Myths 


There’s a lot that people say about frameless glass showers, but everything you hear is not supposed to be believed. Many misconceptions and myths come around from the people who hardly know anything about these showers doors. In fact most of the myths about these frameless showers originate from the manufacturers of specific shower doors. Rather than buying into these misconceptions, learn the fact and deem over it. Here in this blog you will come across four major myths related to these types of shower doors.


Myth 1: Frameless Showers are hard to maintain and keep Clean


One of the best things about frameless glass showers is this that these are easy to clean and maintain. Clean, clear and elegant glass adds to the illusion of space to the bathroom. In case the glass turns dirty or acquaints soap crust, this is something that overcomes the aim of installation. Fortunately keeping these frameless glass showers clean is very simple to do. There are enormous products that exist in the market and help keep these glass doors look immaculate. In fact there are many doors that come with protective coatings so that the water stains off the glass. However My Colour Glass offers such frameless glasses for your bathroom that help keep these clean and maintain its look in the long run.


Myth 2: Frameless Glass Showers Break Easily


It’s a very common myth heard around that frameless glass showers break down easily. Manufacturers like My Colour Glass design these glasses extremely strong. There is no risk of them for falling from typical falls. Actual parts and installation processes help lead to a door which is very durable. These frameless showers can be really stronger if compared with the framed ones as there are no materials attached that may corrode or break with a span of time. Additionally, the glass on these doors is moderate which means even if it breaks down there are no chances that it will shatter into dangerous and very sharp pieces.


Myth 3: Frameless Glass is Very Costly


Another myth about frameless glass showers is this that these are very expensive. There are many door providers like My Colour Glass that offer frameless glass showers at reasonable prices. The entire cost of your door depends on the door type, installation process, and the installers you choose. When it is about price, hardware matters to a great degree. You literally get what you pay for with frameless shower doors. This belief needs to be removed that you need to pay a huge amount for this. In fact if you are installing frameless glass doors to the areas, you literally add to the price of your property.


Myth 4: Frameless Glass Leak Water


Most of the opponents of these frameless glass showers don’t even understand how these glasses work.

They have this concept that these shower doors leak and they spread the same around. However that’s not the case. Only if your frameworks are poorly installed or not built exactly then they will leak. Professional installation and construction of these frameless glass leak water will offer the shower to drain and not leak outside the area.