Frequently Asked Questions

Will the colours look the same as the ones showed?

They will look almost the same but don’t forget images on screen look different from the real glass as Contrast and Brightness settings of a monitor could be different.We recommend seeing a printed colour chart instead.

 Will my colour coated splashback be see-through?

You will not be able to see through it when it is affixed to the wall.Glass is completely opaque.

 What tools do I need?

Just a tape measure and a silicone gun.

 How will my splashback be fixed to the wall?

Generally coated glass is attached to the wall using a special adhesive that will not react to the coating. We recommend clear silicone adhesive. Please check HOW TO INSTALL section.

 Is my glass safe?

Our toughened glass complies with BS EN 12150.

 Can I use coated glass in other areas of the home?

Yes you certainly can. They look great in any position that traditional wall tiles might have been used such as bathroom or as internal glass and DIY projects for living rooms and bedrooms.

 Is the glass heat resistant?

Yes, our toughened glass the glass is heat resistant, and can withstand temperatures of up to 400 oC.

Is the glass moisture resistant?

Yes, All colours can be used in environments where moisture is present but it cannot be immersed in water. Care should also be taken to avoid water infiltration on the reverse of the glass.

 Can I obtain actual samples of the coloured glass?

As we do more than 20k colours most of our samples are bespoke and chargeable.

 What is your return policy?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a return service for bespoke items.

 How do I pay for My Coloured Glass?

We accept payments via credit/debit cards & BACS.

Do you offer a survey and or installation service?

We can offer survey, supply and fit service but it depends on where you are based. We cover Greater London and surrounding areas. 

Can I have holes or cut-outs in the panels?

Yes. We can cut sockets, drill holes or cut out for cooker hoods. The accuracy of these is vital because we cut prior to toughening and once glass is toughened no changes can be made.

Can you cut shaped pieces?

Yes. Using CNC machine we can do any shape or cut outs.