Glass Balcony System

Glass balcony systems and balustrades are seemingly from a fairy tale, but in this day and age they are the most in sleek contemporary design when it comes to architectural glass. Balcony systems can be installed anywhere you would find a standard balcony in the past. You can also use this system on the interior where ever a loft type feature would be desired.

What is a “Glass Balcony System”?

Usually when one thinks of a balcony, they are thinking of a platform type enclosure which is open on the top with no roofing. It might also bring to mind “Romeo and Juliet”. In many a romantic tale the fair maiden is standing on the balcony of her upstairs bedroom as her lover sings to her from street level.
“Balcony System” refers to the design and complete structure of the balcony. In this case, the balcony’s main enclosure is made from architectural strength glass, also used in high rise building construction. There are some glass balconies that are “frameless”. The actual “Balcony System” includes:

  • Balcony Flooring
  • Perimeter Railing
  • Balcony Support System
  • Balcony Material
  • Balcony Design & Engineering
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What Kind of Glass Balcony Systems Are There?

Any material or method which goes into the “Glass Balcony” is part off the overall system.

As you shop and look around at the different designs, you will see there are a lot of different glass balcony systems. Balustrading plays a big role in the design and type of balconies. Some balustrades are made of brick, metal, or wood. The really contemporary glass balcony system has glass balustrades.
You may wonder, exactly what is a “balustrade”? A balustrade is what supports or makes up the railing of a balcony. These are usually not only functional, but ornamental. The “parapet” is the low wall that you see forming a balcony. It is a safety barrier, often ornamental, and especially nice as “see through” glass so as not to obstruct the view like old fashion balconies. You can go as high as you want with the glass balcony wall (parapet) without causing any view destruction. These look really great around upper level pool and sun bathing areas. Plants love it too and add to the paradise effect.

Glass Balcony System Overall

A glass balcony system is definitely something you will want to invest in. You can go for all kinds of beautiful looks, and they are completely safe. They do seem a bit daring with their often “see through” properties, but they really are not. Advanced technology and engineering have made glass balconies a routine part of building structures. Clear glass is not the only option in glass balcony systems. You can get a variety of tints for a really great look, or even go for a balcony made of toughened glass (architectural strength) mirroring. In design you can do a lot with mirrors, but it would be best in glass balconies to go with a glass that you can “see through” to get the most of the effect in view expansion. Mirrors would look nice on the sides, with a “smoke tint” on the front of the balcony system. The choice is yours, and there are a lot of choices when it comes to a “Glass Balcony System” in this age of innovations and stunning architectural feats.