Glass Balustrade

Glass Balustrade

For the ultimate in a nice clean view, with little structural interference, a beautiful glass balustrade from MyColourGlass is an excellent solution. We offer glass balustrades for the interior or exterior, and for residential or commercial structures.

Glass balustrades can be used in any place that requires a barrier, or protective type fencing. They can also be added to your existing decor as an added element.

Glass balustrades can be constructed high up or low to the ground, such as around a pool area or garden. The choice is yours.
Custom installation can fit a balustrade into spaces not commonly considered for such. Go ahead and add a balcony, loft, or clear glass stairs, for the ultimate in design choices making little-used space into a functioning work of art.

Frameless Glass Balustrade

If you would like an on-site survey to find the best solution for you, let us know. A glass balustrade can use any type of posts, even the ones you currently have with your older type fencing or enclosure, as long as they are tested and found to be structurally sound.

A really happening thing with interior and exterior design are the “frameless” glass balustrades. These are definitely sleek and the main contender in the contemporary world of interior and exterior architectural design.

You do not have to stick with clear glass only but can opt for tinted or frosted glass. Look around MyColourGlass and enjoy the different design options.
Feel free to ask any questions you may have when it comes to glass balustrades, or any other quality glass work for your exterior or interior. Glass balustrades are completely safe, meeting the strictest of building code requirements, and can be “side mounted” or “base mounted”.

Stair Glass Balustrade Systems

The “frameless” glass balustrade looks exceptionally lovely with glass stairs. You need not to choose “frameless” but can go for stair posts of your choice if you so desire. The design and styling options are many. A really good feature of the frameless glass balustrade and glass stair system is the fact that any styling in your interior design or exterior design will shine through without noise and impedance. There is hardly any beauty that can excel a glass stairwell. Stair glass balustrade systems present equally well in the home or commercial structure for the most posh in styling.

Selecting Your Glass Balustrade

If you need assistance in selecting your glass balustrade, feel free to ask our design and installation experts. We can also give you a FREE QUOTE along with architectural suggestions. There are so many lovely and practical uses for glass balustrades. They are becoming increasingly popular with commercial spaces such as sidewalk cafes. Glass balustrades have seemingly always been popular in shopping areas, especially on stairs, escalators, and 2nd story balconies. They are now in huge demand in private homes because of the beautiful presentation options. A glass balustrade is easy to care for, extremely durable, and a lasting investment for the best in contemporary and airy design.