Glass Balustrades – Interior & exterior

MyColourGlass has glass balustrade systems to compliment any building be it commercial or residential. Glass balustrades offer clean clear views with a minimum of structural interference.

MyColourGlass offers glass balustrade systems for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Glass balustrades are a beautiful design touch to any area that requires a railing or barrier. By using glass instead of typical rails or posts, clean, clear views are provided with minimal structural interference. For both the home or your business, adding a balustrade will look good and fits into many spaces.

Most commonly used in staircases, outdoor seating areas, and outdoor railings, balustrades have numerous applications. Perfect for support railings or existing as a barrier on its own, installing a balustrade is a design choice that many people opt for. Not sure how it will work with the rest of your home or business’ decor? We can provide custom design allowances to make it fit the surroundings better, such as a curved edge or not using railing hardware at all.

We will use toughened or laminated glass, or both, depending on your project requirements. If you need additional details, like a textured or frosted finish for privacy, we can provide that as well. The glass we use is compliant with all safety standards, ensuring suitability for indoor or outdoor use. Our fixtures and fittings in our custom installations are specifically tailored to suit your needs. Whether you need to make the balustrade blend into an existing decoration scheme, or you want it to become a bit of a statement piece, we will select the appropriate accessories.

When you want the best, choose the professionals at MyColourGlass. Our emphasis on high quality products and service ensures that you receive superior glass and installation. Our attention to detail and craftsmanship is unparalleled. We guarantee total satisfaction with our finished product.

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