Glass Display Cabinets

Glass display cabinets come in many sizes and forms. You will hear them called “Glass Countertops”, “Curio Cabinets”, “China Cabinets”, “Showcases”, “Shadow Boxes”, “Vitrums”, and a multitude of other names depending on their functioning. “Vitrum” seems to catch the eye as a not often used word. What exactly is a “Vitrum”? Vitrum is the English adaptation of the French word “vitre”, and the Latin word “vitrum”. “Vitre” simply means a “pane of glass”.

What Are Types of Glass Display Cabinets?

Glass display cabinets and cases can be presented in a number of ways, such as “Freestanding”, “Wall Mounted”, “Custom Built-In”, or even suspended from the ceiling area. In this day when glass work is frequently making it’s way in to homes, businesses, and other public work foundations, it can also be used as a wall partition. Lets take a look at a few of the “Freestanding” glass display cabinets.

  • Wall Glass Display Cabinets – Glass display cabinets can stand against any wall. These are designed where they can be moved around if desired. As mentioned earlier, many are now having display cabinets, and cases, custom built as wall partitions or room dividers. You can have these display on one side, or both if used as a room divider. Freestanding wall glass display cabinets (set up against a wall) only have one side of the structure with display features.
  • Middle Floor Glass Display Cabinets – We commonly see freestanding middle floor display cabinets which are akin to “curio cabinets”. In the past these were often framed with rich delicately carved wood. Contemporary display cabinets take on more of a glass cubicle appearance, and can look like works of art in their various forms and styling. Even tinted glass is sometimes employed. They are very sturdy and long lasting, being made of the best in “toughened glass”. Ask the specialists at MyColourGlass” about custom glass cabinetry and shelving. Middle floor glass display cabinets are usually designed so you can see display items from all four sides.
  • Counter Glass Display Cabinets – You will often see glass counters in a “shop” or some other type of commercial establishment. These are usually accessible from the back with sliding doors for convenience of the clerk or shop owner. Fine jewelry shops will often use locked glass display cabinets which can only be accessed with a key, or combination code. Lighting is an added plus for any type of formal display.

Glass Display Cabinets Overview

The contemporary display cabinets are really beautiful and well worth the investment for any setting. The lightly purple tinted ones are exceptional. In a modern art setting you could actually use several display cabinets of varying heights for a really nice display. Tract lighting along with the modern toughened glass display “cubicles” look tremendous. Mirror backings (also available at MyColourGlass) look nice in the wall shelving units and are available in different patterns including silver and bronze antiquing. We will be glad to help you choose from the many possibilities when it comes to glass display cabinets and associated features.

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