Bespoke Glass Doors

In MyColourGlass we offer high quality frameless glass doors. Glass doors give an amazing stylish look to any room in your home and let the light flood, giving you much better feeling of space.
Our frameless glass doors are individually made to measure and made to specifically fit your opening with 8,10 or 12 mm toughened glass (depending on the application). 
We are cutting it to the exact size required. Also drill and notch for hinges and door handles and we can add EasyClean coating or sandblast if necessary.
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Bespoke glass doors are custom made to fit your needs when it comes to entrances and exits. You can also used these doors on any room, such as the kitchen area, or library. All glass doors are custom measured with excellent precision tailored to your door opening, where ever it might be. The wonderful thing about these doors are the fact that they are “frameless”. This is the ultimate in modern design. No need to be concerned with swelling wood frames or the other inconveniences of the “old fashioned” doors or entryways. These look especially nice as double doors on the front of your dwelling, or business, led up to with a rock path or brick walk way. You might even add more pizazz to your entrance way with the use of low laying lights and glass balustrades (which we also offer) leading the way. Ferns and plants on the interior and exterior will complete the picture as they take advantage of the natural lighting.

Bespoke Glass Door Features

Bespoke means “made to order” and the frameless glass doors by “MyColourGlass” certainly show their expert skills in custom glass work. Let’s look at how this is applied when it comes to high quality and outstanding features.

  • Made To Measure– Each door expertly crafted at MyColourGlass is specifically measured to fit your door opening and needs. No details are left out, and the ultimate in craftsmanship is our signature when it comes to supplying quality workmanship and precision cutting. We also offer sliding glass doors and frameless glass shower doors with the same precision custom fit.
  • Hardware for Frameless Doors– Many styles and designs of durable hardware are available to you at MyColourGlass to fit your decorative needs. It is our courtesy in supplying the best. The drilling and notching for your precision cut glass door are perfectly fitted without any error when it comes to door handles and hinges which work and perform to the highest degree.
  • Glass and Glass Finishing–  Toughened glass is used in the construction of our “frameless doors”. It comes in 8,10, and 12 mm, when it comes to thickness. We ensure that the best thickness for your usage will be applied. If you like the “sandblast” finish for your toughened glass door, we also offer that as an option in style and design. We can even add an “EasyClean” coating as one of our special offers. The colors, tints, and finishes are all up to you, and our selection is immense. Shop around MyColourGlass, and let your creativity flow for the best in use and decorative flair.

Frameless Glass Door Overview

Glass doors allow natural light to enter and aesthetically open up areas. Say goodbye to fake florescent lighting and experience pleasing shades of natural light streaming in. If you want you can even accent the interior areas with specialty lighting as a decorative plus, and spotlighting only as desired. Colored or tinted glass room dividers and screens play up nice with bespoke glass doors. Custom made glass doors are definitely a good overall investment.


Why Glass Doors?

You can find glass doors anywhere these days. People increasingly use them in their homes. Especially for their bathrooms, patios and living rooms. In addition people use them for hotels, restaurants, offices and malls. But why glass doors are so popular? There are few reasons:

More Natural Light

Anyone that uses this kind of doors can tell you how big of a difference they make when it comes to allowing natural light into the home. Natural light is always better compared to the artificial, but it also brightens the place and make people feel more comfortable. According to many studies lack of natural light and living in dark closed spaces leads to depression if people spend too much time in these places. Therefore having a glass door in your living room can really change the atmosphere and your mood.

They Save Energy

Speaking of natural light coming through your glass door we can’t miss to mention the energy saving benefit this can have. Since there are so many rainy days in the UK a place with glass doors compared to a closed place can make a huge difference. The glass doors without frame allow so much natural light during the day that for the most of the time you won’t need to turn on the artificial lights which can potentially lead to reducing energy consumption during the peak times.

Glass Doors Open Up Your Home

The frameless glass doors open up your space. It makes your rooms look much bigger and provides you with a good view of your outdoor place. This is why they are preferred by people that need doors for small places. No one wants to feel claustrophobic or cramped.

Are glass doors tempered or toughened? Is there a difference?

Tempered and toughened glass are basically two terms for the same thing. Manufacturers produce them by heating an ordinary glass to 600 degree Celsius and then quenching  it with water to make it very strong. If you look around you will find that they use them not only for doors, splashbacks and glass balustrades and other architectural domains but also in the automotive industry.

Are glass doors safe?

The glass doors, no matter sliding, frameless or patio doors are completely safe. This is because the tempered glass has a unique feature of breaking into small pebble-like parts upon serious impact, which is protecting people using it from harm. This is why the automobile industry is using them. The glass doors will always be safer if you compare them to the other alternatives.

Sliding Glass Doors

We are also offering a wide range of bespoke sliding doors. You can use them for interior as well as doors for your patio. A sliding door without frame can give your home a contemporary twist, transforming the look of your place. We design our frameless doors to fit and are simple and easy to install. Sliding glass doors are perfect for small spaces.

Shower Glass Doors

Using glass for your shower doors is the best decision that you can make for your bathroom. Glass is easy to clean therefore it will save you a lot of time. Many of our customers are choosing this option exactly because of this reason. You can also customize them which gives a whole bunch of opportunities. Don’t limit yourself to the mass produced shower doors with standard sizes. We are adding more flexibility to your shower installation.
Frameless shower glass doors look much better. Framed shower doors always look bulky with rubber, metal, wood or other material always covering their edges. If your bathroom remodel includes a nice looking shower tile design, the glass doors can help you showcase it.
They also minimize the mould risk by minimizing the places where mould can grow.

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