Glass Kitchen Countertops

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Glass kitchen countertops are extremely beautiful, yet easy to clean and durable at the same time. Wonderful glass has been used in our decor since the “Mesopotamian” era. The color choice and styles are immense to fit any kitchen. Many are matching their splashbacks and wall cladding to their countertops. If you want to go with ceramic tiling, it would make a nice presentation also. Ceramic counters and toughened glass countertops are definitely different, especially when it comes to ceramic tiles.

What is the Difference Between Toughen Glass Countertops Kitchen and Ceramic Tile Countertops Kitchen?

There is a lot of difference between toughen glass countertops and ceramic tiles. Many think that glass kitchen countertops are the same as ceramic countertops. Lets look at a few of the differences.

  • Toughen Glass Countertops are Easier to Keep Clean Than Ceramic Tile – Many would think that ceramic tile would be easy to clean. The actual tile is easy to clean if it is untextured, but the grout in between the tiles is not. After awhile the grout starts to absorb stains. The really good thing about a “Toughened Glass” countertop is it can be custom cut to fit your counter area. It is like a durable strong “Sea of Glass” which will last you for years to come with no staining. It will stay the colour you started with. You simply wipe with a damp cloth and it is clean.
  • The Overall Appearance of Ceramic Tile and Glass Countertops is Different – If you want the ultimate in contemporary design you will go for a glass countertop in your kitchen. Ceramic tiles gives the appearance of a more traditional and “old fashion” appearance, even though you could arrange ceramic tiles in a solid color geometric pattern to get a hint of “contemporary” design. You would still most likely have a resemblance to modern design of the 1950’s. Why not go for the most ultra contemporary design using sleek glass as your countertop?

The Virtues of Glass Kitchen Countertops

Not anything can beat the overall design of a glass countertop in your kitchen. A really great thing about these is the fact that you can carry the amazing contemporary design throughout your entire kitchen and adjacent areas. Toughened glass in all of it’s fantastic colours can be used in your wall cladding, floors, room dividers, or what ever you can dream up. The splashbacks for your kitchen, or bathroom, are tremendous. In this day and age you can even get your splashback digitally printed with any high resolution photo you desire. Clear glass is nice, it is all up to you. Take time to shop around and look at the many possibilities when it comes to using glass in your kitchen. Feel free to ask our specialists at MyColourGlass if you should have any questions, whatsoever. For the best in contemporary design and a feel of spaciousness use glass countertops kitchen as your choice.