Glass Kitchen Projects

Glass kitchen projects can be many and are a specialty of MyColourGlass. Take time and look around at our completed projects, read our blog, and enjoy the many glass kitchen products and services we offer. We can also customize your entire project, fitted especially for you.

MyColourGlass Designs and Glass Kitchen Projects

MyColourGlass has a myriad of designer glass kitchen projects. Lets take a look at a few and make your dream come true for the beautiful designer kitchen you have always visioned. The toughened glass projects for the kitchen are very durable, lasting for years, and also easy to keep clean and maintain.

  • Glass Kitchen Splashbacks – Kitchen splashbacks are an area of expertise for MyColourGlass. You will see this as you browse our pages and enjoy our many photos of completed projects. We have most any colour of back painted glass splashbacks. We also have clear glass. You will also want to check out our digitally printed splashbacks using a high resolution photo or image of your choice, as you browse our many glass kitchen projects.
  • Glass Wall Cladding & Partitions – Wall cladding and room dividers or partitions, offer many colour choices. Mirror wall cladding is especially nice in bringing out spaciousness in your dining and cooking area with it’s reflective values. Glass partitions look fantastic and are great for dividing the kitchen area from the breakfast nook, or eating area. You can also get these in a textured, or frosted glass, if you so desire.
  • Glass Countertops – Hardly any project in the kitchen can surpass the sheer beauty of glass countertops. They not only look beautiful, but are a joy to keep clean, and will maintain their good looks for years of valuable service.
  • Glazed Glass Flooring – Why not expand toughened glass to your entire kitchen area for the ultimate in flooring with professionally glazed glass flooring. We do both commercial flooring and residential. Ask us about it.
  • Glass Doors – Rather it is an entryway coming into your kitchen from the outside, or an interior door, glass doors are all the rage in the kitchen area as a project. They look especially nice as “cafe” type doors heading into the kitchen, or designed full length to fit in a smoked glass room divider as an entry into the dining area.
  • Glass Shelving & Writing Boards – Glass shelving in your kitchen area has many possibilities as a kitchen project. While you are redesigning your kitchen using marvelous glass work, you do not want to overlook a dry erase “glass writing board” for notes, reminders, and menus.

Glass Kitchen Projects Overview

As stated earlier, there are many beautiful projects to be had in the kitchen area when it comes to toughened glass. Talk to the experts and professional glass designers at MyColourGlass to see what we have to offer in helping you with the perfect glass kitchen design of your choice. The many options in kitchen glass are what makes the perfect contemporary kitchen presentation topping all of the high fashion and top designer ads in the classiest of interior design magazines. MyColourGlass will enjoy sharing our expertise and knowledge with you for the best in glass kitchen projects.