Glass Partitions

Bring the sunshine or a beautiful view into your commercial or residential space with glass partitions from MyColourGlass.

Whatever the design, we will deliver a solution that meets your requirements with our up to date and innovative ideas.

MyColourGlass will manufacture and install your next interior glass partition.

Let the sunshine in or make space seem larger with glass partitions. Perfect for both commercial and residential spaces, a partition is a great way to divide a room or area to retain privacy and the maximum amount of space. Regardless of the layout of your area or design, we will deliver an innovative, modern solution that meets all of your requirements.

Glass partitions are great for use in businesses. Use a partition in:

  • an office area to create semi-private rooms
  • a reception area to divide the front from the rest of the office
  • a retail store to highlight and showcase products on the sales floor
  • an auto dealership showroom
  • a restaurant or cafe to divide the area
  • a shopping centre to create a showcase

Using a glass partition is also a great solution in the home to create a fully enclosed area, to repurpose a room into two rooms, or to utilize otherwise unused space. When you put a wall up like that in your home, you can take any area of your house, even under the stairs, make it into its own space, and prevent it from feeling claustrophobic.

Our partition systems are completely custom designed to suit your needs and constraints. We provide a range of glazing options, including clear, tinted, sandblasted, printed or laminated glass. Our hardware is specially chosen to ensure it fits the rest of the space’s design, or you can opt for something completely different to make a design statement.

For the best glass and service, ask MyColourGlass to quote on your next project. We prioritize using top-notch products so we can constantly deliver the highest quality projects. With our expertise and detail-oriented approach, we can promise you complete satisfaction with your project.

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