Glass Shower Enclosures to make all the Difference in Place

glass shower screen toughened

A bigger bathroom with scope for an oversized shower and freestanding is certainly a blessing not available to everyone. Most of the bathrooms require achieving functionality and a stylish ambiance in a limited space. However, My Colour Glass frameless glass enclosure can perfectly offer you the stylish solution that does no less to meet the wider range of criteria.

This article is all at the end of the bath shower that fit accurately to the bath, while offering an aesthetic finish, helping you to maximize the space.

To do this abruptly, you can design the frameless shower enclosures that can be easily installed to work around the storage cupboard and offer a shelf within the shower space and the storage for the bathroom.

Installing a shower enclosure can make proper use of the space under a sloping ceiling or even against the bathroom walls. Our professionals have developed the techniques for exact measurements in common circumstances that assure an excellent result. It offers its clients a perfect confidence to install the bespoke shower room in earlier unused spaces or in the places where difficulty rate is quite high.

The shower design is one of the chief drivers for the most of bathroom remodels. You just need to pick up the latest trends that actually catch your attention and the hearts of the people in your house.

However, this has been observed that most of the homeowners put off the task of choosing the shower enclosure as the last thing to be done. But it is important to know that shower enclosure is that subtle luxury which demonstrates such elements of interior design and personal style.

Bespoke frameless glass enclosures are a huge design in trend as it makes the bathroom look spacious and give a luxury spa-like feeling that every homeowner wants.

Nevertheless, we have this guide that can help you make out what to choose for your bathroom space and what to neglect.


Make out what are those factors that need to be the part of your choice.

My Colour Glass suggests that shower enclosure should be something like it’s a part of your very own home. It should be something as if it is custom made to fit well to that specific place and not something randomly chosen and fixed in the place. No doubt price value plays a major role but homeowners should definitely look for something that stays for long and is not just aesthetically appealing.

The second most important choice you need to make is, if you should do it yourself or should hire some professional to do it for you. Well, it depends on the type of shower enclosure you choose and how you actually want to customise it. The more custom options and intricacies an enclosure has, the better it is to make use of the factory trained professional.

The third thing that you need to make out is which one is better framed or frameless? And the answer for this depends on the appearance that you want your bathroom to give. According to My Colour Glass, framed options are not too much forgiving in installation and measurements, but these would definitely not give a complete custom look as a frameless enclosure may give.