How a Glass Splashback Will Make your Space Sparkle

Toughened Glass Splashbacks

Popular Kitchen Backsplash Trends

Since more and more homeowners are seeking open kitchen plan, kitchen backsplashes are moving to the forefront of the home design.

In fact for many of them choosing a backsplash material and design is almost equal to the selection of countertops and cabinets. Interior designers and homebuilders have taken notice that these places are important to pay attention to and make a statement.

Nowadays kitchens are the hangout spaces and the functional art in fact. And ever since kitchens have become such an important part, backsplashes leave a great impact on that.

So how do you think you can express yourself with a stylish new splashback?

Well, you need not panic about it. This blog discusses all the latest trends that can make your kitchen one of the best places in the entire home.

Install Backsplash tiles in an Exclusive Pattern

The horizontal subway tiles have been on trend for years, but you need not be scared to shake things up while creating an exclusive backsplash pattern.

You just need to try on installing those subway tiles vertically as these give a new appearance to the classic tiles.

Then you can also try on herringbone design or a diagonal pattern. Here just remember this thing that the more complicated will be the pattern the more you may seek the help of professionals.

In fact, changing the way, you stack your tile can also make a great difference. The broken joint installation can offer the traditional look while stacking installation adds a modern feel to it.

Spread the Backsplash Tiles to the Ceiling

Traditionally splash boards run from the countertop to the bottom of the upper cabinet. But there are chances that you have a lot of additional wall space to fill it. Kitchen ceilings are brought in use to stop at 8 feet, but now it is really common for the homebuilders to go 10 feet or even more.

Apart from extending the dead space, why not tile all the way up? That’s the idea of Rayborn! Extending the backsplash tiles to the ceiling place the tile in a very interesting pattern.

Do not let the Electrical Sights come to Notice

It is important for you to use the wood flooring materials. So, just let the backsplash take some clue from the flooring and sync it with the woodwork or the same look.

Real wood planks can be the daunting thing to install and these also require a lot of care, but you may also find hundreds of tile products on the market that imitate the feel and look of the wood.

More often these products are used for flooring, but the questions are why not put your very own spin on it and bring it to use for one of the kinds of the backsplash.

Make use of Same Tile Color and Pattern throughout the Backsplash Design

Eradicating the smaller and the decorative pieces is another emerging trend. It is practiced so that the ribbon of the coloured glass or the hand-printed terra cotta tile may feel like finding a home somewhere else.

In today’s time backsplashes consistent tiles and clean lines can speak for themselves. However, don’t trash it.

A complicated and a messy look may actually look great in an empty house. But here you need to notice that you lose the appearance when your fill your countertops with the appliances and the canisters.

Simple, clean and polished surfaces reflecting light in the kitchen can actually make for a pleasant place in order to prepare the meals.

So are you ready to remodel your kitchen space? Don’t be afraid and if you have any concerns or doubts about the same, you can leave it to My Colour Glass. We have the professionals to look into the things professionally and offer the desired kitchen space to you.