Glass Splashbacks – Do Your Guests Envy Your Kitchen?

Latest glass Splashback

There are many things that you can do to enhance your home and while many of them may be imminently practical – new windows, a driveway and a boiler – others are purely for fashion purposes – wallpaper and painting for example.  There are a few home renovations that are both practical and fashionable, but having a glass splashback installed in your kitchen is definitely one of them.


Glass splashbacks serve a dual purpose of protecting the surface of your wall from the ravages of excessive moisture and also providing a barrier against germs and bacteria from cooking.  Glass is an extremely hygienic material and is also extremely easy to keep clean and disinfect in comparison to other materials like stone and tile that are also commonly used in splashbacks.  Another reason that glass splashbacks are easier to clean is that they are constructed in a single continuous sheet based on the dimensions of the room or wall you are covering.  This means that there are no unsightly grout lines between panes of glass and all you will see is a clear seamless pane of glass.


However in addition to its practical elements glass clearly stands out from stone and tile splashbacks in the way that it looks.  As glass splashbacks are available in hundreds of different shades and colours it is possible to create literally any look you want simply by having one of these installed in your kitchen and glass’ natural light refraction and reflection qualities mean that regardless of the colour you choose they will make your whole room look brighter, more spacious and much more glorious.


Glass splashbacks used to be seen only in the pages of glossy fashion magazines or in designer show homes, but as the prices have come down significantly over the years they are quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in home renovations and while the price might have come down – the visual effect and impact on those seeing them has not.


Splashbacks by their very nature serve the primary function of protecting your wall and home – however when something that is so very practical becomes a feature in your room you will definitely know that you have made the right decision in choosing to have it installed.  Kitchens have always been the hub of a household and while entertaining in kitchens is not really common, you will find that once you have installed your glass splashback you will have to force people out!


For some truly inspiring ideas on how to use glass splashbacks in your home take a look at our site.  We are able to deliver throughout the UK and with design, measurement and installation services throughout South East England we would love to help you make your home exceptional.