Kitchen Glass Splashbacks and Other Options

glass splashbacks

Both kitchens and bathrooms are high-traffic areas in the house where the potential for damage due to excessive water in the environment is extremely high.  If walls are not protected and covered correctly it is extremely probably that water will start to rot the structure of the wall and potentially cause severe damage. In addition, there is a significant possibility of unforeseen health issues due to the unhealthy environment.

A simple and effective treatment to prevent this damage before it starts is by using a glass splashback.  Not only do splashbacks protect the wall from water damage and staining, they come in a variety of materials, colours and types providing you with lots of options for any home renovations that you might have planned.  Splashbacks work by creating a barrier in front of the wall – depending upon the material used, they are generally significantly easier to keep clean and could also help transform a home giving it that designer look you have been searching for.

Tile and Stone Splashbacks

Tile and stone splashbacks have been used extensively for years to provide a barrier and protection against water damage.  While they are quite good at providing that protection when new, over time their abilities start to degrade.  As tile and stone splashbacks are generally provided in pieces, they need to be connected together through the use of grout lines.  Unfortunately, these grout lines are often the weak points and over time they tend to rot reducing the effectiveness of the splashback in general.  In addition, most stone splashbacks are constructed of reasonably porous materials that while resistant to water do not provide any protection against normal everyday household cleaning materials. The simple act of cleaning a stone splashback could end up pitting the surface severely detracting from its aesthetic appeal.

Glass Splashbacks

Kitchen Glass splashbacks in contrast to stone and tile are available as a single sheet.  This means that there are no grout lines for water to attack.  In addition, glass has a natural resistance to most household chemicals and cleaning agents providing further protection to it and the wall surface behind it.  Glass splashbacks are available in many different shades and colours and it is easily possible through their use to transform a boring wall or living space into a beautiful and gorgeous area that everyone will admire.

While kitchen glass splashbacks used to be priced out of the reach of most families, this has now changed and it is easily possible to get a designer look using glass splashbacks for an extremely reasonable price.  As glass splashbacks are constructed from toughened glass they will easily stand the test of time and will continue to look shiny and new for years to come.  Unlike stone or tile, glass reflects light completely transforming dark spaces and making rooms feel brighter, more spacious, and warmer.

To see some of the many ways that glass splashbacks can be used in your home, check out some of the ideas on our site for inspiration.  We also offer custom measurement and fitting services in South East England and the Home Counties so can help you design the ideal look for your space.