Glass Splashbacks & Worktops for Bathrooms

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Glass splashbacks and worktops for bathrooms are a beautiful and practical solution for the utmost in contemporary decor. Toughened glass and architectural glass are easy to care for while being very durable at the same time. Glass work in the bathroom masterfully goes from the top of the bathing area on to the bottom. Glass flooring can be in an adjoining bedroom and extend on into the bathing area. “Cobalt Blue” is a colour which is particularly beautiful when it comes to glass work. Sea green also looks well in bathroom design.

Many options are available in glass basins and tubs. A transparent tub, with the glow of complimenting lights underneath or a frameless glass shower, looks extremely beautiful in the bathing area. Carry this on to the glass wall cladding in a back painted colour of your choice. You can add a “skylight” for a really “out-of-this-world” experience. The plants, such as ferns, thrive in the extra light.

Toughened glass dividers can also be used gracefully for a truly luxurious feel to the bathing area. The looks and styles to be achieved are many in the world of glass for your bathroom.

Options in Style for Glass Splashbacks & Worktops for Bathrooms

Glass splashbacks and worktops for your bathroom can come in many styles and colours to fit any bathroom decor. Let’s look at some of the options to choose from.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have when it comes to glass work in your bathroom for the ultimate in durability and good looks. Glass worktops can be cut in the thickness you desire. We also offer custom precision fitting and cutting.

• Back Painted Bathroom Splashbacks & Worktops for Bathrooms- MyColourGlass commonly uses the RAL colour chart as an option for clients. We can also match a specific colour of your choosing with a sample you provide. Talk with us and tell us what you have in mind.

• Mirrored Bathroom Splashbacks & Worktops for Bathrooms- Mirrors are always spectacular in the bath area. Splashbacks and glass wall cladding present beautifully in for both commercial and private home bathrooms.

Mirrored worktops have always been a favorite in dressing and grooming areas. We have several styles to choose from including such choices as “Antique Bronze”.

• Transparent/Tinted Glass Splashbacks & Worktops for Bathrooms- Transparent splashbacks are a favorite because they let existing wall cladding show through. Transparent glass worktops open up space and are very popular as a choice for worktop material. Tinted glasswork in your bathroom presents the most in contemporary design options.

Glass Splashbacks & Worktops for Bathrooms Overall

Glass splashbacks and worktops are very beautiful, indeed. Take time to browse our full colour photos of finished projects for a good view. Our service experts are ready to help you with any questions you may have, as mentioned earlier.

Check out the digital printing and textured options. They are fantastic. It is nigh impossible to mention all of the benefits of toughened glass and architectural glass in your bathroom. Glass splashbacks and worktops are a good investment which you will enjoy for many years to come.