Glass Splashbacks

printed glass splashback

Due to popular demand, MyColourGlass has a specialty in offering beautiful glass splashbacks for the kitchen and bath area. Glass splashbacks such as those offered by MyColourGlass give the ultimate in design options for the contemporary kitchen and bathing area. Glass splashbacks not only look great but are also easy to care for and very durable with heat resistant properties.
Onsite surveys will help you with design and styling options if you are not quite sure what you are looking for. Match your splashback with beautiful glass wall cladding and countertops for the best in overall presentation. Our experts have many realistic and creative solutions to help you achieve the best in value for your kitchen and bath area.

Spectacular Value with MyColourGlass Splashbacks

We go above and beyond in our offerings and design choices for kitchen and bath splashbacks. Let’s look at some of the tremendous values you can enjoy from MyColourGlass. Please keep in mind that bespoke products and services are a way to give the ultimate in design and unique style choices specifically suited for our individual patrons.

There are many reasons we are highly recommended when it comes to quality and outstanding craftsmanship in glass work. Each project is important to us in both the commercial and residential field. If you have any questions, feel free to talk with us.

• Colour Choices- Over 2,000 different backpainted colour selections, including custom mating to a sample you bring in. View the RAL colour chart located at MyColourGlass if you need assistance in selecting new colours for your kitchen or bath glass splashbacks. Well seasoned designers are available to help you in selections and professional design options. MyColourGlass is a “one-stop” solution for meeting all of your glass kitchen and bath splashback needs. We are here to proudly serve you with the finest in materials and service.

• Sizes- Bespoke sizes cut to fit, in addition to pre-cut standard sizing.

• Custom Installation- Predetermined custom installation upon your request. Talk without service experts to find out details and advantages, saving you time and money. We can also offer free quotes as to the general cost of the total project.

Bespoke Glass Splashbacks As Your Choice

As you are shopping with MyColourGlass, you might want to take notice of our digital printing on glass splashbacks as a personal option. We can transfer any high-resolution image or photo directly onto your kitchen and bath splashback. Take time and browse some of our completed projects.
Another “popular choice” for splashbacks is our mirrors, cut in one piece. We also offer textured glass splashbacks. Frosted glass is frequently asked for, especially in commercial kitchens and bathrooms. We can put logos on your splashbacks or any design you choose.

Clear glass will always be on the “popular choice” list, as it lets the existing wall cladding or wallpaper design shine through. Glass splashbacks are a definite addition to your interior design which you will enjoy for many years to come.