Glass Staircase Balustrades

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Glass staircase balustrades look equally appealing in almost any setting. You will often see glass panel type balustrades in chic shopping areas with multiple levels. For the utmost in design the same decor will feature a “see-through” elevator with glass walls.

Almost everyone remembers riding a “see-through” elevator at some point. A touch of gold tone or silver coloured chrome gives the perfect environment. This look is also good for pastels and muted flowered prints. “See through” elevators paired up with glass staircase balustrades and steps, depending upon your personal taste, would look fantastic “zig-zagging” to each level or floor.

At times “see through” architectural glass, or toughened glass, can seem daring. Special glass used for construction purposes is like any other building material in these times of advanced technology and innovations. Quality work and installation passes the strictest of building codes. Glass is often seen in the “high rise” structures dotting the horizon. There is a lot you can do with the options of custom glass work. Jet Black with a bold red in geometric patterns on the designer’s palette would really making a statement with contemporary flair. Foil wall cladding looks nice with these type of features. If you are going for glass staircase balustrades, you might consider “back painted” glass wall cladding in a deep colour, or go a step further with a gem stone tone such as amethyst.

Transparent Glass Staircase Balustrades

Using transparency in your glass staircase balustrades portrays spaciousness and gives the choice of seemingly endless decorating possibilities in the home or commercial setting. Glass balustrades are a number one choice for major commercial accounts. They are also making their way into homes, not only on the stairs but as part of the loft, and a multitude of other mega creative spaces. The grand room of an estate, or even the swimming area can boast of glass balustrades and railings. Be sure to talk to the experts at MyColourGlass and find out about the wide array of bespoke glass products and their many uses.

Coloured, tinted, and frosted glass all look nice, but how about “see-through” glass or transparent glass for your balustrades? What are some of the special advantages of transparent glass staircase balustrades?

  • Transparent Glass Balustrades Custom Made to Fit Any Staircase and Area
  • The Ultimate in Design and Shapes (Ask About Sleek Contemporary Glass Staircase Balustrades for Curving Stairs.)
  • Transparent Glass Opens Up the View for an Aura of Spectacular Spaciousness

There are many advantages in using clear and lightly tinted custom glass work in the home or commercial environment. Take time and enjoy our many projects and blog at MyColourGlass.

Glass Staircase Balustrades Overall

Glass staircase balustrades are a definite addition in the wonders of contemporary design and have the advantage of fitting in with any decor. The options in styling are immense, and you are also welcome to present your own ideas in design options. Overall, glass staircase balustrades are a lasting investment which will be enjoyed for many years to come.