Glass writing boards

MyColourGlass offer glass writing boards / wipe boards for your office. 

MyColourGlass offers custom glass writing boards and wipe boards.

 If you need a space to write your ideas out on something larger than an A4 page, considering getting custom writing board for your space. Reduce paper waste and get a board for your space instead — it’s completely reusable, and we can produce one to your design specifications exactly. For either the home or office, it’s a perfect solution to add some functionality to your interior decor.

 Our wipe boards are created using toughened glass, ensuring a surface that lasts use after use. The edges are then polished to remove any sharp edges. The board is also easy to erase dry-erase pen markings off of, and minimal maintenance is required. We can paint the glass board any colour of your choosing, ensuring that it fits the look of the space you’re intending to put the board up in. These boards are also suitable to apply magnetic backing to, if required, to add additional utility.

 Our painted glass writing boards are bespoke and made to match any reference colour. We match colours produced by all popular manufacturers as well as using the RAL system. Alternatively, you can supply us with a swatch showing the colour you would like to use, and we can match that as well.

 Choose MyColourGlass for the highest quality glass products and services. We produce all of our products using only high quality glass and fixtures so that we can provide you with the best. Our attention to detail and experience are unmatched; we assure you absolute satisfaction with your completed project.

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