Great Ways To Use Glass Splashbacks To Add Color To Your Space

Bathroom Ruben

Glass splashbacks are stunning alternatives to tiles. It’s no wonder why most people opt for it when moving into a new house, or when redecorating. Glass splashbacks can be used anywhere in the home to transform the look, but you need to be creative. The most popular place it is being used in is the kitchen and the bathroom.  Back painted glass splashback are extremely decorative and can be used to your preference. If you are looking for the perfect choice to protect the walls of your home while still giving it a stylish twist, then glass splashbacks are the best. Glass splashbacks are becoming popular day by day, as they hold numerous beneficial qualities.

Add Color to Your Bathroom

If you don’t want to go with the trend you should opt for glass instead of tiles. It would also serve as perfect protection for your walls. Glass splashbacks do not store bacteria due to its non-porous texture. It also comes in a different range of colors and patterns, so you can easily transform the look of your bathroom. You don’t necessarily have to surround the whole bathroom with glass splashbacks; it can be used just as a decorative feature. Glass splashbacks are also used to protect the walls, from stains of caused as a result of splashes of water.

The beauty of glass splashbacks is its transparency, so you can choose to put wallpapers to show through the glass.

Brighten Up Your Cooking Space

Glass splashbacks can be used in other places in the kitchen apart from behind the hob. Depending on the structure and design of your kitchen, you can put glass splashbacks between the worktops or cupboards. Furthermore, if you have bright lights in the kitchen, then that’s superb, because glass reflects light, so you can be sure it would give your kitchen an elegant and stylish look. Also, why glass splashbacks are a great addition to the kitchen is because it is heat resistant. It keeps the walls protected from splashes and food stains during cooking. Because it can easily be cleaned, thereby making it hygienic, most people use it as worktops in the kitchen. Stains can easily be wiped out with a cloth or sponge, and it restores its original shiny look.

 Touch Up Your Space

In case you are confused about where to use glass splashbacks in your home, you can put it on blank spaces on the walls.  You can use colored glass splashbacks to make a beautiful statement in your home. Also, you can try sticking it behind decorative portraits or inspirational quotes for a personal touch. The same way stained glass windows gives a unique look to your home is the same way with glass splashbacks.

Alternatively, you can use glass splashbacks as a table protector. It will create an attractive centerpiece if it is incorporated into the dining table. With glass splashbacks, there would be no need for coasters.