Sink Glass Upstands: A guide to Choosing It

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Have you noticed those dull and uninspiring areas around your kitchen sink? Well, that’s something really easy to hide and give your kitchen all of a new look again. It can be a block of colored glass upstands, splashbacks and so much to add a neutral look to the area. When it comes to kitchen upstands, the variety is too vast that it becomes almost impossible to make out which one to choose.

A quality finish makes the entire kitchen a wonderful place. And it is very obvious that the areas around the sink can become grimy in a very short time. However, this can be easily transformed into a beautiful looking space that only looks good but remains clean too. The choice of a glass sink upstand may depend on the place you are choosing it for: like a bathroom or a kitchen. There may be a lot of material types for it like acrylic and so on, but the glass is a proven quality material. The highly polished framed edges give it a distinctive look. This can be easily customized as per space and fit in without any obstacles. Be it any type of material, each will give a premium and the contemporary style to it, complementing and helping it to create the bespoke kitchen.

It seems to be like there are many trends moving away from the traditional grouting and tiling, which allow sink upstands to offer a completely modern finish. So, if you are looking for a high-quality one I would recommend you to choose My Colour Glass and have the best quality of kitchen accessories with you.

Now that you know how glass upstands work to cover the grimy sink areas, here are the two key factors to consider while choosing the best types of your kitchen.


Kitchen Upstands Obliging the Expansion Gap

There are certain chances of change in the size of wood that happens due to the humidity. It may shrink at the loss of moisture and may expand at the absorption of it. This, however, creates the need for the expansion gap. Thus it is advised to leave a gap of around 3-4mm between the adjusting surfaces or the worktops in order to allow easy expansion or the shrinkage if you choose the wooden upstands.

On the other hand, no such issue arises with the installation of the glass upstands in the kitchen. Glass material neither shrinks nor does it expand. SO, it can prove to be a better choice over the wooden upstands.


Glass Upstands preventing Moisture

While purchasing an it you not only opt for the coverage but also the prevention. The glass upstands offer an extra degree of prevention which helps to maintain it in a perfect condition. The glass material helps in securing the moisture from behind the kitchen worktop.

With this, they have proved to be an extraordinary choice for the users. Neither they occupy much space nor do these do any fuss during installation. Thus a user can easily opt for it in the kitchen to give it a modern look in a cost-effective range and that too for the long term.