Heat Resistant Splashbacks

printonglass splashback print

You will definitely want a heat resistant splashback when it comes to your cooking area.
Splashbacks in your kitchen are made as a protective covering to keep your wall free from splatters and grease over cooking surfaces. It is also nice to have a splashback over the sink area to save the wall from water damage. In these times of fantastic and variable decor, the splashback has become a major player in the overall looks of the kitchen as a major focal point. They come in almost any colour of glass, or even digitally printed with a high resolution image of your choice. You can get a sunset printed on them or a beautiful photo of tossing waves in the sea. The possibilities to add to your decor are seemingly endless when it comes to beautiful glass work in your kitchen and other areas of your home or business. The ideal splashback would be made from a material which is lasting, heat resistant, and easy to keep clean. Avoid any material for your splashback which has a texture or other grooves which can collect grease and grime.

Stylish Toughened Glass Heat Resistant Splashbacks

Many are going for the sleek design of toughened glass in their kitchens and other areas of the home. You can actually line a whole wall in your kitchen with any colour of glass for a modern sleek look which gives an air of spaciousness.

Heat resistant toughened glass can extend from the cooking area on to the wall cladding above your counter tops and work area. The decorating possibilities and usefulness of this material is fantastic. What are some of the properties of heat resistant splashbacks?

Toughened Glass Heat Resistant Splashbacks Have “Thermal” Properties- Toughened architectural glass is exposed to all kinds of weather and conditions through all seasons. It is exposed to heating, cooling, and all kinds of temperatures without scathing. Wouldn’t you like a piece of this fantastic and stylish building material in your kitchen?

Toughened Glass Splashbacks are Heat Resistant to 400 Degrees Celsius- 280 degrees Celsius is equal to 752 degrees Fahrenheit. Can you imagine that? It is easy to see why toughened glass is highly recommended for it’s safety and functioning features as a splashback for the cooking area.

Heat Resistant Splashbacks in the Home or Business

You cannot get much stronger, or as beautiful, than toughened glass for architectural and construction purposes. Swimming pools, skylights, and balconies, often feature the contemporary design of clear and tinted toughened glass, or “tempered” glass. It passes the strictest in building codes for safety, and is even used in high rise buildings reflecting the sun on the horizons. You will see these beautiful splashbacks in the most contemporary of posh eating establishments. The tinted grey, or a “smoky” tint looks really nice with a logo printed on it representing your particular business(ask us about printing logos on glass, we do this as part of our services, when requested). Heat resistant splashbacks from MyColourGlass are an excellent investment serving you for years to come in sustainability and endurance, while maintaining it’s beauty and good looks.