Why do you need a Glass Worktop

glass bathroom

Glass worktop – unlimited colour choice!

Despite the perception that glass is a fragile material, it can be an ideal choice for a worktop. The key is to make sure that the material used in a toughened piece of appropriate thickness for its usage. It is also important that the worktop is made to measure so that it fits perfectly in the space. Whether personally or professional installed, a steady hand is required when installing the worktop with adhesive.

Choosing glass for a worktop is also a great idea if there are fixtures on or around it that cannot be moved in the kitchen, the worktop may have to fit the worktop around the range or sink, or perhaps the glass is being put on freestanding island that will require a custom size. Toughened glass is ideal for the worktop because it can withstand heat and moisture. Per safety standard, glass used in this type of installation must be able to be resistant to temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius. It is also important to ensure that the glass is toughened so that it will stand up to wear and usage year after year. Though it may be treated, to prolong the life of the glass, food preparation and other activity should not be done directly on worktop itself.

For the bathroom, a glass worktop can provide a practical and decorative solution as well. With the ability to custom cut shapes, measurements and around edges, these can be created with little effort for both small and large spaces. As the material can stand up to heat, an accidental put-down of curling tongs or a hair straightener won’t damage the surface.

The neat thing about glass is that it is able to be coloured to any shade desired! Using a swatch or an existing colour system of paint like RAL for example, a coloured worktop will add a welcome dimension to the design of the room. Match existing decor and put in a complementary colour and breathe new life into the area with relatively little effort. The colour application ensures that the glass is absolutely opaque — anything underneath will not be seen.

As a worktop material, glass is ideal because it is also does not require much maintenance, nor more detailed care, to get the most out of it. For spills and stains, a wipe will do, perhaps a non-abrasive cleaning spray if the stain is particularly tough to get rid of. Glass worktops do not have to be sealed, either, as the material is not porous. Since the glass does not absorb any solids or liquids that may sit on the surface, it is unlikely that mould and other micro organisms will develop, which can cause larger cleaning problems in the future. Depending on the finish and colour, fingerprints and smudges may be visible, so a quick wipe after every use will go a long way in keeping the glass in good shape.

Durable and attractive, a glass worktop for the kitchen or bathroom is an ideal option to think about when planning or simply considering a renovation. There’s no need to rip out any existing fixtures, no matter how big or small. As a relatively small change that can be done in several rooms, a glass worktop, especially a coloured one, can bring a big visual impact in the home.