Maintain your Glass Shower Doors – The Tips

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With endless variety available for your bathroom showers, it is important to choose the one that fits both appearance and its practical aspects. However, when it comes to making the best choice, glass shower doors is the perfect option. So, if you have installed glass material in your bathroom, this article is all about maintaining it to the best.


Towel Bar and Grab Bar Warning

Handlebars and towel bars are just not similar to the grab bars. Grab bars are actually installed in the shower enclosures which can help people with getting in and out of the shower or the bathtub. These have been chiefly designed to handle heavy weights. On the other hand, if we talk about handlebars and towel bars, these do not have the similar stability like grab bars. And a very simple reason behind is this that these are not designed to support the weight.

So, it is recommended to not hang from or even stand on the handlebars or towel. In case some extra force is used, these bars may snap off while shattering your shower door in pieces.


Shower Doors lack being watertight

Properly installed shower enclosures are actually designed to stop the leaks under common shower conditions. Be it shower spraying or excessive water pressure directly at the door, both can cause leakage because these situations are simply not common to the most common enclosures. In fact, cleaning the shower enclosure with the spray nozzle also brings out excessive water pressure. In case you see the puddles of water gather on the floor outside of the enclosure, it is necessary to clean it up or otherwise it may damage your floor.

Here it is important to be careful about the fact that shower enclosures are not at all designed to hold water like a bathtub. If you attempt to fill shower enclosure to the top with water it may damage the enclosure completely.


Rough Cleanser Warning

Make sure that you do not use any acid based cleaner on your shower enclosure. These cleansers are strong and may harm the metal or the glass while leaving a scar on it. This damage may not happen with a single application, but it is always best to bring the most appropriate and soft cleansers in use.


Glass Light warning

If you think about changing your shower door glass after installation, it can really be an expensive proposition. So it is better if you consider all the important factors when deciding on the obscurity level. If you actually have a beautiful view through the enclosure window, choose to have an enclosure out of the clear glass. In case you prefer safety, an obscure pattern is even better then. And even more than this if your shower glass door is the major attention of your master bathroom, art glass can be the best thing to go with.


Prevent it from Thunder

Thunders may strike rarely but these can be harmful to your glass enclosure. The lightning striking with the sound can shake the glass shower door to such an extent that they either damage or are shaken into the shower door frame. This is the reason that shower doors are manufactured out of the tempered glass which actually breaks the glass into small pieces.


Open and Close your Shower Door Carefully

Make sure that you do not use any excessive force while opening or closing your shower enclosure. A little extra force can shatter the glass of the enclosure. This can prove to be a great damage.