The Mirror Splashback – A Perfect Choice for the Kitchen

When it comes to choosing the splashbacks for your kitchen area, there is definitely a need to make an elegant choice ever. A mirror splashback differs in both the properties and looks from the plain or colored glass panels. Mirrored glass creates a striking touch for any kitchen. It suits both traditional, as well as contemporary kitchen, looks, mostly adding a modern twist to a more traditional kitchen style. A mirror design is also a perfect choice for small kitchens as the mirrored surface is very much effective in reflecting the light around the room. This creates an impression of increased floor surface and a room larger than it actually is.


A Mirror Splashback needs the Toughened Glass

The regular mirrored glass should never be used for kitchen backsplashes as it is likely to be cracked and broken. This may occur with a bang or some knock but it is even more likely through exposure to heat. This literally means that if you wish to incorporate the mirror splashback in your kitchen then it should be produced from the tempered or the toughened glass.

To achieve this, glass is templated on site and then it is cut ahead of the tempering. It cannot be cut after the tempering as the glass may shatter. The glass is actually heated with the furnace to temperatures in the excess of 600 degrees, before being regularly cooled with the blast of cold air for upto 10 seconds. This makes the outer surface of the glass shrink and contracts at a faster pace than its center. The process gives birth to a strong glass sheet which is suitable for kitchen splashbacks.


So now it is important to know the advantages of Mirror Splashbacks

  • Mirrored glass reflects the light so will make a room feel light and bright
  • This is specifically for smaller kitchens that it can make a room feel larger than its obvious size
  • It creates an elegant look and suits all the styles including both traditional and modern kitchen spaces
  • This often adds a modern twist to a more traditional kitchen look

Mirrored glass can be cut, polished, shaped and drilled as per the individual taste. This may include cut-out sockets wherever required, as long as it is cut before the tempering.

  • Since it is a toughened glass, it is durable
  • It is very easy to clean
  • There is also a choice of colour tints available

The colour scheme of a mirror splashback, and mainly within antique mirror glass will make almost everyday splashes and spills less famous.

Mirrored splashbacks actually make the entire kitchen look pleasant together with offering your house an all different look.