Mirrors in your House

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Mirrors in your House

Mirror in a house may not sound very elementary from the designer’s point of view, but it plays a great role to enhance the entire look of your house. When you hang a mirror in the room, you will be adding a basic necessity or an accessory. No matter it’s a living room, master bedroom, baby’s room or a bathroom. Adding a mirror to the area enhance beauty of the place while adding to the space. It works so dramatically that one feels like addition of space in the area.

Since there are so many areas to hang mirror in the house, you need to be sure that the area you are choosing is valuable for reflection. A mirror opposite to a window will reflect a very pretty outdoor setting which will drive you in an illusion of having a second window on the other end. For even conventional look, you can consult architecture and enquire where it will work the best.


Mirror in a Bedroom

For any bedroom, a full length mirror is a must have. If you have a wall, which is quite large, you can hang it there. In case you do not want it to be seen always, either fix it in your closet or on the door of your bathroom. It will make getting dressed up a convenient affair. While installing, keep in mind that there is enough space to stand in front and see your complete look in the mirror.


Mirror in the Bathroom

The first place you think of while installing a mirror is the bathroom. This is the place where you cannot do without it. Though it often gets cloudy after the shower, but that’s adjustable. The most popular place to install a mirror in the bathroom is over the sink. It actually becomes easy to shave or to apply make-up when a large sized mirror is mounted in a frame or on the wall.


Mirror near the Front Door

Mirror near the front door is an innovative idea. And it becomes even better when you have a small glass shelve or a little cupboard mounted to it. This actually let you have the last minute check on your hair, makeup and the entire look. The table or a drawer beneath the mirror offers ease to keep your keys or the stuff when you step in the house. Or you can also keep assets which you do not want to forget while leaving. Apart from this mirror near the front door helps in enhancing the décor of your house. You can keep a bowl with floating flowers beneath the mirror. Its reflection in the mirror gives it a lovely look.


Mirror over a Fireplace

To add warmth in your room, add a mirror over the fireplace. It will help reflect activities in the room. Additionally it accommodates in giving a bigger look to the house.


Mirror in a Child’s Room

Children love looking at the mirror hence this is the perfect place to hang mirror on. When installing it for an infant, install it properly so that baby can easily see oneself. This mirror keeps the child busy when you are doing something they do not want. Like cutting nails, changing their clothes and so on.

With this, a mirror does play a chief role in the house, but its installation matters even more. So, choose the place with all the practical and aesthetical aspects of a house. This can be either a functional or a focal point in the room. No matter how it goes, it certainly offers light, illusion, beauty and convenience to your home.