Office glass

Office glass has been around seemingly forever and has now expanded into other areas of the office besides your standard ½ wall glass partition or window. We all remember the school office with the closed venetian blinds and the cheap wall paneling when we were called to a meeting with the school principle. In this modern day and age the whole wall is made of glass, not just ½ way up. Beautiful tints, and glass doors finish off the contemporary and spacious view, making the most in excellent decor and usage of space.

How Is Office Glass Used Today?

There are many stylish options bringing the contemporary office “Up-To-Date”. Lets examine a few of the marvelous choices we can get with the offerings on the market today.

  • Glass Partitions – Glass partitions look wonderful in the modern office, and leave behind the “old school” look of yesterday. There is no need to stay with the “out dated” features of the past. Lets take a venture into tomorrow’s looks with the latest in glass partition designs. If you need any help in design layout or in making office glass choices, talk to the experts at MyColourGlass, and they will be delighted to share with you all of the marvelous possibilities and design choices.
  • Glass Doors – Glass doors make their way into the office setting presenting the most contemporary in design. Your choice of door hardware will definitely compliment your overall decor. We have a wide selection of hardware for your frameless doors at MyColourGlass, and also precision cut glass doors for the perfect fit. If you are having a frameless door as the entrance into your office setting as part of a partition, we can lay out the whole design for you. There are many possibilities and glass styles you can choose from when selecting your glass door and partition. One of these is “frosted glass” which looks really great when you incorporate your business logo or lettering of your choice. We also do custom high precision full colour printing on glass doors and partitions.
  • Glass Book Shelves – Glass book shelves are the ultimate in class and very durable. You can either have free standing units or create a fantastic design having them built onto your wall cladding of any other area of your office that you prefer. Once again, the possibilities are seemingly endless when it comes to this contemporary feature of office glass.
  • Glass Wall Cladding – As far as good looks, there is hardly any wall covering or wall structure that can top glass wall cladding. We have practically every colour under the sun in back painted wall cladding for your office. We can also match colour swabs that you provide for a custom look in office glass design.

office glass - glass partitions

Enjoy the Luxury of New Contemporary Office Glass Today

Look around and start shopping for the ultimate in design when it comes to your modern office glass today. Pick up the colours in your office carpeting, or better yet, try the new toughened glass floor tiling for easy upkeep and maintenance with a chic styling. You cannot go wrong making office glass the main foundation for your overall luxury and sleek office environment.