Decorating with Printed Glass Splashbacks

printed splashback

Looking for a new design trick for the home or business? With new technologies, high-resolution digital printing is the next thing in print with glass. Previously, pictures and text had to be applied onto the glass as an appliqué, but any high-resolution photo can be printed on a glass panel. Digital printing allows for true-to-life colours to show through as well.

For businesses, using glass in the customer space is a great way to communicate to customers, promote products, or decorate. For simple menus, as an example, a printed glass panel can be mounted behind the service counter. Use printed glass to show off vivid pictures of your product, or find other pictures and use them in lieu of other prints or framed pictures for decorating. As a public operation, this could be a great method to decorate as the glass also does not require a lot of care. Should any splashes or dirt show, a quick spray and wipe-down will take care of any surface grime. As the material is not porous, there is no need to worry about absorbing any grime or dirt.

This method could carry over to the home as well. Instead of decorating with traditional pictures, mounted glass could be a way to help add some visual interest to the home. This can even be done in areas where decoration would not traditionally be thought of, like a glass splashback or tabletop.

A printed glass splashback would add a unique touch to any kitchen. Instead of a solid colour, or visual interest with patterned tiles, the print would hold a special place in the home. Create a memory wall, mimicking a gallery wall of photos, or add a theme to the space. This could be further accented with a colour glass upstand in a complementary shade, adding a sense of cohesiveness to the space. Or, choose a picture that complements the rest of the room’s colour scheme. If the room has a black, white and grey theme extending to the cabinetry, worktops and furniture, a black and white picture would be a striking addition, adding visual interest without straying from the existing colour palette.

In the kitchen, glass is an ideal decorating material. As it does not need more care or attention to stay clean, it is optimal for use in a space that constantly needs cleaning. Unlike tile, mounting a glass panel does not require grout. Grout is porous, and can absorb grime and spills. This absorption can cause growth of micro organisms and mold. Cleaning the grout periodically can help prevent this, but with glass, there is not grout to clean, saving time in care of the home. Glass is also moisture and heat-resistant, and when toughened, can stand up to 400 degrees Celsius of heat exposure.

Affixing a printed glass panel can be done either with fixed holes and posts, or an adhesive mounting process. Either method secures the glass to the wall, ensuring an enduring, visually pleasing decorating touch. Regardless of what is chosen, a printed glass panel is a beautiful way to add a different look to the home.