Anti-Slip Glass For Home & Business Spaces

Anti-slip glass provides a safe surface to walk on in all areas of your home or business. It is especially great on rooflights, and other transparent glass flooring. Great thought must be given to installation of glass you will walk on.

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Anti Slip Glass

Number one, you want it to look fantastic, which it most definitely will because of advances in modern technology. You can barely go wrong installing the most contemporary in anti-slip glass. Secondly, you want your glass to be safe to walk on, especially if it is walked on a lot. A big enemy of walking on glass flooring and glass flooring features outside, is wetness. This can make glass very slippery. It is best to have your rooflight treated for anti-slip measures before you install it. Sometimes on terraces or private outdoor areas, you don’t have to be as concerned, because most likely you won’t be using your outdoor terrace in poor weather. It is best to have your glass “anti-slip” no matter where you are placing it. The “acid etched” glass comes in many “anti-slip” patterns that will only add to your beautiful styling. Certain anti-slip treatments will help the glass to dry faster.

Which is the Preferred Method In Using Anti-Slip Glass?

There is a quick drying coating for glass, that can be applied. It is also “anti-dirt”. The preferred brand for “quick drying” of your “walk-on glass” is “Ritec”. It not only helps the glass to dry quicker, it keeps the beautiful transparency of your rooflight nice and clear. Not only does this look fantastic, but it allows more light to enter. So what does the “Ritec” do?

Ritec prevents Slippery Dirt from Sticking to your Rooflight
Ritec ensures the glass, when wet, in your Rooflight will Dry Quicker. PLEASE NOTE: When the glass is still wet, it IS NOT anti-slip.

Wet glass is the prime target of “anti-slip”. Dry glass is a mega plus for anti-slip properties in glass. It is best to use “Ritec” in conjunction with something such as “sandblasting”.

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What are Some Other Methods for Anti-Slip Glass?

There are different methods and different enhancing patterns for making glass non-slip. Some can create a lovely vision. Lets look at a few.

Frit Dot Pattern for Anti-Slip Glass

This is pretty cool. Very small dots are applied to the glass, evenly or in different patterns, such as a logo. Be sure to view completed projects so you can see this method of preparing “anti-slip” glass. The same amount of light value is enjoyed underneath the rooflight with the “Frit Dot” method. This way you can still enjoy the light value while having physical anti-slip properties on the top glass of your rooflight.

Sand Blasting & Acid Etching for Anti-Slip Glass

It has been said that sandblasting will make your glass less clear. This is not always true, especially with the expert sandblasters whom work in patterns. You can actually get some very worthy results which will only add to your decor value using anti-slip glass.

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