Bathroom glass splashbacks and glass cladding

Using bathroom glass splashbacks and glass panels are the simplest and most stylish way to give your bathroom a facelift, creating more depth, light and feeling of space. You will enjoy your bathroom with vivid colours and contemporary look!

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pink bathroom splashback

Adding glass to your bathroom home decor is a simple and stylish way to give your space a new look. Glass provides depth, light and a feeling of space. Choose a coloured glass splashback for a striking look in contrast, or choose to go for a full glass cladding instead. It is a great alternative to tiles, granite, paint or laminates. With no porous tile grout lines, it is also a way to decrease the time and effort spent cleaning your bathroom!

We can cut your glass splashback or cladding panels to fit your space perfectly, to allow for sockets, sinks, light switches and other existing features. We use computer numeric control (CNC) and WaterJet Glass processing equipment for the most precise of cuts. This technology allows us to cut out virtually any design in any shape or size, ensuring a flawless fit. This means that we can also cut into almost any shape you desire, giving your bathroom a truly bespoke look and feel.

Bathroom cladding London can come in almost any colour you can dream of. You can even get an image printed on it if you want, such as trees, ocean landscapes, or nearly any other print that matches your bath decor. “Cladding” literally means covering. Custom cut cladding and panels are very easy to care for (no porous grout lines as with tile) and durable at the same time, made of 6mm toughened back painted glass. You can also cover your bathroom walls with custom mirror cladding if you so choose. We have it all at MyColourGlass.

Ways to Use Glass Cladding in Your Bathroom

Bathroom glass can create almost any look you are going for when it comes to your bathroom area, creating a light airy feeling of basking in beauty. Let’s take a look at a few ideas and suggestions when it comes to bathroom glass cladding.

On the Walls and Panelings

Bathroom cladding on the walls of your bathing area are dreamy and “out-of-this-world”, far excelling any bathroom wall covering. The colour selection is pure. We can match your cladding to a sample colour that you provide, or you can choose from the many colours we have, including the colours from the RAL. Don’t forget about the printing options of high-resolution images for your panels or bathroom wall cladding.

As Dividers

For the ultimate in good looks combine your cladding with dividers. You can create, along with our quality craftsmanship, a feast for the eyes. It not only looks good but is easy to clean and care for as mentioned earlier. Beautiful glass partitions can divide anywhere you want in your bathroom for a hot chic and worthy design with mega style. If you don’t have a lot of room in your bathroom you can add depth and a spacious feel using glass cladding. You can even recreate the sky on your bathroom wall using the printing methods we offer. Add a smoky clear glass divider between the wash area and the commode for a really spacious and classy feel. A lavender or ultra-modern look with luminescence violet also looks great with the appearance of floating in the sky. Even bright yellow looks tremendous. Let’s add a splash of sunflowers to your decor. Whatever is the main color you are going for in your decor, we can accent to create the look you want.


Splashbacks combined with glass create ultimate looks. You might have a coloured sink that you want to harmonize with your splashback and cladding. You have many choices available. Try contrasting or picking complementary colors using the standard “Color Wheel” as a guide, along with the “know-how” of experts at “MyColourGlass”. Ask about our professional installation services for the ultimate in ease. Custom cut glass bathroom countertops also look great with this, in any colour, and they come in various glass thicknesses.

glass bathroom

Bathroom Glass Overview

A really nice thing about custom cut glass is the fact when you are using it for cladding, or any other purpose, it virtually has no seams to contend with. Yes, the panels have edges, but they are flawlessly matched where they happen to meet, as at corners. Leave it to the experts at MyColourGlass to provide you with the best when it comes to custom cut bathroom glass cladding and panels.

All of our bathroom glass products are made using 6mm toughened glass as standard. We can use a clear finish, textured finish, or our signature painted look to give you the appearance you want! With our extensive colour matching resources, you don’t have to compromise on the colour you want for your bathroom.

When you want top-quality glass products, choose MyColourGlass. Our first priority is to ensure that we use only the best glass in our projects. This glass is produced according to requirements set out by both British and European quality standards’ bodies. With our detail-oriented approach, combined with our experience, we can assure you total satisfaction with your next glass project.

Why choose glass cladding for the bathroom?

You probably think that a glass bathroom means constant cleaning? Well, the truth is, that’s not true. Our glass coverings and “splashes” are extremely beautiful, give a charming look to the wet room and are extremely easy to maintain. 

In addition, we can make any cladding you want, whether it is clean, in saturated color or with a print of an image. In short, you can make your dream bathroom without compromising. Create marine motifs, floral motifs and more.

We require you to specify your detailed requirements, and we will handle the rest. 

Why trust MyColourGlass?

  • High quality and safe operation of the products – only use tempered glass, which is characterized by high durability and toughness
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance of our products
  • Production of glass-lined bathroom individual project and design
  • Free consultation and preparation of offer
  • affordable ratio ” price-quality”
  • Fast service

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