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Print on glass London, UK is miraculous in this day and age of modern technology. You can get absolutely any high resolution photo of your choice, even one you have taken yourself, imposed upon glass. Your business logo printed on glass wall cladding would be excellent in your office. Silk screen printing on glass (patented in 1907) use to be the way to do it. This is where one would use a mesh stencil and apply ink directly to the glass by hand. Later in stepped digital UV printing, and on to “High Resolution” custom printing as we do here at MyColourGlass.

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Where Are Some of the Places I Can Use “Print On Glass” in My Decor?

At MyColourGlass we have many products that can be custom printed. Lets take a look at a few of them.

Kitchen & Glass Splashbacks

There is a lot you can do with glass printing when it comes to your splashbacks. You can even take a high resolution photo of your curtain trim and incorporate it onto your splashback. If you are not quite so daring, you can go with your theme in a lasting way, because toughened glass is very strong and lasts a long time. Suppose you are currently using apples as your kitchen theme, or sunflowers. What you could do in this scenario is incorporate an apple orchard or sunflower field onto your splashback with high resolution custom glass printing. In the bathroom area, maybe your theme is the sea, or other water substance. You can actually go to a photo stock place on the internet and get a high resolution photo of mermaids, or seashells (or whatever you choose) to print right on your bathroom sink splashback. If you want to carry your design choice, in printing, on over to your walls via cladding or panels it would look tremendous.Have wonderful Printed Splashback Kitchen London.

Wall Cladding & Panels

Custom glass wall cladding and panels are more than fantastic. You can print on almost any color under the sun with back painted glass. The glass is painted on the back, the printing is on the front. You can place the glass as panels or have it custom cut for your walls or any area you choose. The beautiful thing about this and glass printing is the fact that you can transform almost any area into a custom work of art with glass printing. Toughened glass panels are a canvas within their self when printed. Suppose you buy two panels, have them printed with the high resolution art of your choice, and then place them as a pair in your living area or master bedroom. You could carry the same colour of glass on over into a room divider picking up on colour accents.

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Print On Glass Overview

Times have become so advanced that you can actually 3D print out strong and transparent glass objects. But that is not what we are here for, we are here to discuss putting your image on the glass at MyColourGlass to incorporate into your interior and exterior design. Print your dreams and cherished images on glass to have the unique and amazing decor you always visioned.


In addition to specializing in the quality production of your chosen design and color of printed glass, we can also help you with the installation. Each of our clients can count on the perfect execution – from the moment of the order to the placement of the final details. 

We have teams with extensive experience in working so that we can meet your every expectation. Only, we must agree in advance and set a date and time for installation. You are only required to indicate the kitchen or the wall on which you want to seal a valuable image for a longer time. The rest is entirely our commitment! 

Why trust MyColourGlass?

  • High quality and safe operation of the products – we use only tempered glass, which is characterized by high durability
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance of our products
  • Made of printed glass, with your desired image – we work on individual project and design
  • Rich color variety
  • Free consultation and preparation of an offer
  • Affordable prices in the ratio “price-quality”
  • Fast service

We also offer glass survey & installation services across Greater London and most of South East England and the Home Counties. For commercial projects we cover most of England.

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