Walk On Glass Floor

Walk On Glass creates a beautiful vision in the home and the commercial setting. You will often see this used in the “rooflight”. We all remember the standard old fashion “skylight”. Now we can use them on and as an access to upper levels of a structure, such as a garden terrace. The possibilities in design and usage are seemingly endless, and the light giving source is amazing. As time keeps slipping into the future, so does architectural design and the unlimited styling of your home or business. Don’t be held back. Take advantage of the beautiful properties coming to us through architectural glass.

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Uses of Walk On Glass

Walk On Glass can be used in most any total design plan. Often, Walk On Glass is used on the flooring above the basement or other room deserving of more light. Extra light can transform any room into a paradise through the use of skylights and the even more advanced “Rooflights”. These are a “Designers Dream”. Rooflights are fantastic in the way that they become part of the most contemporary in design. Perhaps you have a den with a fairly level area above it. Add an escape in the form of a personal roof paradise, more commonly know as a garden patio or terrace. You might as well throw some personal spa luxuries in to take full advantage of the relaxing “Light Filled” atmosphere. You can even cover this personal terrace with clear or tinted architectural glass. Make it a double walk on glass surface if you desire. There are no limits in creativity when working with the marvels of architectural glass. Walk On Glass still reaps the benefits of the joy in having extra light because of the transparencies used in the glass structures. It is all rather amazing. To finish the effect, make sure you scatter plenty of ferns and other plants for your enjoyment. Oh yes, and don’t forget the Walk On Glass stairs and balustrades leading to the rooflights as your access entry for each level. So exciting! If you want, you can place Walk On Glass over a stream or water feature for an especially stunning effect. Many using Walk On Glass in the outdoor setting choose to let a garden show through or some other geographical feature. This can also be done in the private home for the ultimate in contemporary and useful styling. Carry the vision a step further with “Back Lighting” of the Walk On Flooring, or even an individual panel.

Create The Perfect Dream Vision with Walk On Glass

Create your “Dream Vision” of the perfect scenario in the home or business using the miracle of Walk On Glass. You will love it for the total functional use and absolute visual appeal for all types of decor and scenarios. You vision it, we got it. Walk On Glass is in the “tops” for use in today’s architectural feats, for both the interior and exterior design. Walk On Glass is definitely a major advancement in the world of design for all. MyColourGlass offers quality Walk On Glass Floor London.

We also offer glass survey & installation services across Greater London and most of South East England and the Home Counties. For commercial projects we cover most of England.

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