Shower Glass Panel

A shower glass panel can come in many colours or you can leave it clear for the ultimate in spaciousness when it comes to your bathing area. A series of shower panels can create almost any size of frameless showering that you desire. You can actually have a frameless shower made up of several panels which can run the entire wall of one side of your bathing area. Pure “tinted” ice blue looks especially nice in the bathing area when it comes to the colouring of your glass shower panel. A sea green “tint” also looks nice.
You can either use one shower panel (with hardware) for your entrance, or even two if you so desire. It is possible to made an accordion type entrance of shower glass panels if you really want to achieve an excellent look with lots of room. Coordinate any tiling on the floor area with the glass work you choose. You can actually create an interesting mosaic type appearance on the shower or bath floor. A tiled mosaic “Mermaid” would be very nice with hints of sea greens and blues.                             

Talk to the experts at MyColourGlass, and find out what options are available to you when choosing a shower glass panel as part of your over all bathroom interior design. They will help you and even suggest ideas you might have not thought possible when it comes to glass work in your bathing area.

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bathroom glassFeatures of a Shower Glass Panel

As mentioned earlier, it is best to talk with the professionals at MyColourGlass to find out all of the virtues of a shower glass panel. There is no other shower panel made of any material that can compare when it comes to good looks and stability. Lets look at some of the features of shower glass panels.

  • Colour & Finish–  Take time and look at the many colours we have to offer at MyColourGlass. We also have very special and beautiful tints for your frameless shower panels. If you want, you can even consider a “mirror” type finish for your shower glass panel. A standard mirror would look very nice, chic, and contemporary, as the material chosen for your showering area.
    It would be almost impossible to have too many mirrors in your bathing and toileting area. Mirrors make the surroundings seemingly infinite. Different tints of mirrors are available along with antique looks, which can be very becoming. Another fantastic thing about shower glass panels, besides the looks and durability, is the fact they are so easy to clean.
  • Custom Shower Glass Panel- MyColourGlass treats each client individually when it comes to their shower class panels. The height and the area of your showering space is carefully considered, plus the look you are wanting to achieve. You can choose from pre-cut shower glass panels, or opt for “custom installing”.

The Shower Glass Panel “Of Your Choice” for the Ultimate in Frameless Showering

When you talk to our glass specialists they will carefully explain in terms you can understand, the best options for you and your family as individuals when it comes to shower glass panels and frameless toughened glass showers.  All glass used in the bathroom is “toughened” safety glass which will last for years to come. It is hard to imagine how beautiful it really is without experiencing a glass shower panel or other features of glass work first hand.