Splash Colours in Your Home With a Glass Splashback


It used to be that glass splashbacks were only available to those with expensive designer tastes and limitless budgets, however this showroom quality look is no longer restricted to that market only and many home renovators are installing glass splashbacks as a feature in their kitchens and bathrooms.  In fact due to the nature of glass, these splashbacks make an ideal wall covering in any room that experiences excessive moisture and they are ideal for kitchens as they are extremely effective at repelling stains also.

Glass splashbacks are now available in a variety of different colours and shades to suit any home décor and it is easily possible through their use to transform a boring wall or living space into a beautiful and gorgeous area that everyone will admire.  With the ability to have glass splasbacks custom built to any shape, the options are literally limitless in how they are used and are only restricted by your imagination.

As glass splashbacks are constructed from toughened glass they will easily stand the test of time and the fact that glass is resistant to most common household cleaning materials means that it is extremely easy to keep it looking shiny and new for years.  That means no more discoloured, cracked tiles and mouldy grout, just clean, hygienic, wipe clean glass, and a truly designer feel to your home.

To see some of the many ways that glass splashbacks can be used in your home, check out some of the ideas on our site for inspiration.  We also offer custom measurement and fitting services in South East England and the Home Counties so can help you design the ideal look for your space.  Each colour glass panel is painted by us using our own glass paint mixing system which ensures that you get an accurate colour match to your expectations and we offer hundreds of different colours to make sure that you get the exact look that you want.

There is absolutely no denying that glass splashbacks in the kitchen or bathroom offer a truly unique, exciting and beautiful look over more traditional materials and methods.  Unlike stone or tile, glass reflects light completely transforming dark spaces making rooms feel brighter, more spacious and warmer.

At MyColourGlass we offer either tinted glass or glass with a coloured back and all of our glass is toughened meaning that it is completely suitable for use in even the most high traffic areas.  Regardless of the style you choose, you can rest assured that your glass splashback wil not only be unique to you and your kitchen but that it will be something beautiful, inspiring and practical.